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Alex is 3 1/2 months old!

Saturday August 5. A typical relaxing Saturday. Bath time, then Alex hung out, and we went and got an activity saucer from Buy Buy Baby with cousin Marjorie's gift certificate. Alex seemed to like it. See Alex propped up in the seat! See Alex drool at the toys! See Alex fall asleep during one of the greatest movies of all time, "Better Off Dead".
Friday August 4. See Alex in his cute red striped onesie GJ bought him. And for some reason, we can't stop going to Tex-Mex restaurants on Friday evenings. We went to Uncle Julio's Rio Grande Cafe in Fairfax Corner with the Cahoon's. Spencer and Mitchell entertained Alex. See Alex give Natalie's Dora the Explorer doll a big, wet kiss.
August 3 pictures. Just a few. Look at how big and long Alex looks! His next well baby check-up is August 25. Alex watched the movie "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" and found it intriguing. He really liked the soundtrack.
August 2 pictures. Alex was ver…

Alex is 3.25 months old!

Saturday July 29. A few costume changes due to drooling, and just being a baby. Alex is almost too big for his baby bathtub in the sink - how can that be? See Alex in just a diaper to get the true feeling for his growth. Look at that stomach! Look at those chubby thighs! See the back of his (lumpy) head. Cousin Phyllis gave him the striped Polo outfit, and Maureen gave him the cute "This Little Piggy" outfit.
July 28 pictures. Baby in a bar - see Alex sleep in the Baby Bjorn at Austin Grill while we enjoy Happy Hour. (no one was smoking, they still allow that in VA in restaurants). Alex had such a busy week, he went home and slept 8 1/2 hours.
July 27 pictures. Alex got a teething toy and seems to enjoy it. He is really pushing up on his arms while on his stomach.
July 26 pictures. A visit from Grannie, and Alex had lots of smiles and giggles. See him with a mouth full of formula! See him hold his head up while on his stomach!
July 25 pictures.See Alex look quizica…

Alex is 3 months old!

July 22 and July 23. We went to visit GJ and Poppie for the weekend. Alex had a very good time, he smiled and giggled and slept and really enjoyed the visit.
July 21 pictures. Smiling, sleeping, hanging out in the rocker. Ready for the weekend!
July 20 pictures. We went to Austin Grill for JD's birthday with Carrie, Mitchell and Natalie. See Mitchell eat limes! Alex had a good day at daycare, he went on a field trip to the park.
July 19 pictures. JD's Birthday! Grannie came over to help with Alex and visit while JD was in NY for the day. Alex had a lot of smiles, and took a 3 hour nap!
July 16 and 17 pictures. Alex was 3 months old on Sunday July 16, if you count the weeks, even though he was born on April 23rd. I was in Baltimore at a work meeting for two days, so JD held down the fort. Alex is completely recovered from his weekend illness and is holding his head up on his own a lot this week. And still sucking his fists!

Alex is 2 months 3 weeks old!

Sat July 15. Alex wasn't feeling well, probably fighting some of those new germs he came into contact with at daycare. He slept most of the day and wasn't his usual, smiling self. =(
July 14 pictures. Just a few poses. Bastille Day, but alas, Alex had no beret to wear. We all survived and adjusted to our new routine during a big week of going back to work, and Alex's first week of daycare. Now it's time to enjoy the weekend.
July 13 pictures. See JD multi-task with Alex in the Baby Bjorn while getting salad at the grocery store salad bar. Alex is really starting to hold his head up more, kick a lot, and scoot sideways in the crib. He also drools a lot but supposedly that is normal.
July 12 pictures. Chubby baby! Alex is eating 6 oz. at a time now, and sleeping 9 hours at night. Fingers crossed the 9 hours sticks.
July 11 pictures. Awake, sleeping, smiling, being cute.
July 10 pictures. A very big day. Back to work, and Alex's first day of daycare. He did …

Alex is 2 1/2 months old!

July 8 pictures. Another bath, hair like Alfalfa (bad parents), sleeping, hanging with Blue Dog, holding head up. Alex also saw his first fireworks, for Alexandria's 257th birthday last night.
July 7 pictures. Alex hangs out in his "monkey and palm trees" onesie.
July 6 pictures. Alex in his crib, and smiling at JD when he arrived home from NY. Alex slept 9 hours straight, in his crib. A good night!
July 5 pictures. No new tricks today. More fist sucking, hanging out in the crib, smiling.
More July 4th. A fairly quiet 4th, since it was 95 degrees. Had a nice dinner of Omaha Steaks at the Cahoon's. See Alex and JD sleep. See Alex's flat head from lying on it in the same place so much. See Natalie's "Corn Face".
July 4th morning. Just being cute (and chubby).
July 3 pictures. Alex in his crib (from the Cahoon's), loving the mobile Auntie Shaz gave him. Alex hasn't slept in his crib yet, but he did sleep 9 (yes, nine!) hours straight …