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Boy in a box

Who knew canvas boxes could be so much fun? Alex enjoyed his new storage in today's pictures.

We're also learning how to make funny noises.
Pictures from the week.
Mom, stop combing my hair down over my forehead so I look like a dork.
Lincoln says "Let me outside I want those birds!"
Sitting behind favorite red chair, also favorite place to go big potty. Nice. Thank you for sharing!
Walking around with "Go Dog Go!"
Looking out the front door with Lincoln at the neighborhood dogs and birds.
A few pictures from daycare.
Teething and biting.
Week of September 10th.Alex’s first full week in the Toddler Room at daycare. He was a bit whiny and cried but he also had a cold and was teething – those molars have been coming in for two months now.Ms. Lanita said Alex played in the playground instead of walking around the wood chips like he usually does. On Friday when we picked him up it was the first time he wasn’t crying when we picked him up. Ms. Melanie was blowing bubbles and Alex was watching them and playing with the popcorn popper toy. Alex has mastered saying "bye bye".

In the picture where Alex is squinting he is saying "cheese" for the camera. And he still likes to take that right shoe off!

Whoa that's a big cookie!

Pictures from the weekend. Alex had a good weekend even though it was really hot(93°F). On Sunday we went to the Art Festival in Alexandria. Alex likes to take his right shoe off these days as you'll see from the picture. Then Dad made a really good lamb curry for dinner. Alex's new trick is to bark when he sees a dog, "a woo woo woo".
Playing Playing Playing. JD got some good shots of Alex playing on his train.
A few more pictures from this week. Alex is getting tall enough to reach the keyboard on the desk. We also went out to eat this week and Alex discovered the fine art of dipping his french fries in ketchup.

September 2nd. Met Aunt Shana for lunch in Woodley Park, then we went to the National Zoo. Alex saw cheetahs, a scimitar-horned oryx, a maned wolf, a red panda, the Giant Pandas (one was eating bamboo, one was sleeping on his back), elephants, a hippo, a capybara (which are the largest of all rodents), apes, a Komodo dragon, and a orangutan. Alex really enjoyed going through the water misters the Zoo has.

Saturday Sept 1st. A really nice day, we went for a walk, then to the Cahoon's for a cookout and some crabs. Alex liked the glow stick bracelets Rose had for the children.