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back in the Paris groove

galette des rois (king cake, epiphany cake)
article : "A brief history of the Galette des rois"
It took us about a week to get over jet lag after we returned form the US, it was so dark in the morning here.  We all overslept one day but thankfully it was the half-day of school.  We've spent January eating galette des rois and many other yummy things.  Alex and Vincent are back in the swing of school.

Reading,  Lincoln, cooking, playing with socker boppers.

Toys, school, lunch at Au Coin de la Rue, a walk into Paris,

Anniversary lunch at Cornelius, school, roses, cheese, a few cold days (20-30°F), then a warm spell and the park.

Cheese Salon
JD wanted to go to this cheese salon.  It was a lot of fun and we tasted some very good cheese and wine and calvados (apple brandy from Normandy).

                                 more coverage on JD's cheese blog coming soon

This is "gorgonzola a la cuillere" = gorgonzola you eat with a spoon.  D…