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Spring Break USA trip

Quick trip to the US to see Grannie and celebrate Alex's 11th birthday.  We packed a lot in, including a Nationals game as Carrie's birthday present to Alex, his first live baseball game.  What fun and the weather was spectacular.  It was also Military appreciation Day and $1 hot dog day.

Alex had not been to the US since August 2016, and we both enjoyed "getting our USA on".  Several trips to the WaWa (Alex was eating Cheetos and drinking a Mango smoothie within one hour of landing at Dulles), lots of driving (Carrie lent me her car which was awesome), lots of frozen waffles, tacos, visiting with Frank-Eli, Chuck E Cheese, bike riding, church with Grannie, lunch with Mabel, new shoes for Alex, the car wash, riding the new Metro cars on the Red line, Passover Seder at Val's house (Val was in town from Atlanta) much fun.

Nationals Game
Uh, yes, that is Air Force One we saw flying over Nationals Park (what other 747 is climbing over DC coming from Maryland?), …

Happy 11th Birthday Alex!

Pictures A nice Sunday to celebrate, Vincent helped make the brownies, we had one of Alex's favorite meals (salmon, broccoli, sauce beurre citron, rice), apple tart from the bakery, fizzy apple drink, and sushi for dinner.

MORE pictures
present opening JD's camera

more beginning of April
While I was in the US with Alex...Vincent got a haircut, made a dragon, and went to a Passover seder with friends from the synagogue.  After we returned, a visit to our Town Hall for the exhibition "150 years of  Levallois", then lunch at Au Coin de la Rue.  Vincent helped me make the brownies for Alex's birthday and decorate with the icing.

GB camera
150th Anniversary of Levallois exhibit, park.

before the "E" popped:

Australia Day

March 28 was Australia day at school.  Kangaroos, didgeridoos, koalas, songs, Crocodile Dundee hats, aboriginal art, and flags.  Cute.

March 30 was Alex's last tennis class and parents could visit.  The coach let Vincent play and he loved it.

more pictures from March

"I really love my brother even if sometimes I really don't".

rest of March some April

we thought this mini-door was funny
JD's March 5th choir concert - synagogue choir with Protestant church choir

nice warm weekend park and lunch

random Alex, Vincent, and food pictures

another nice sunny day, a walk to Park Monceau, lunch

JD's camera
Vincent, Lincoln, Clifford, park, dead pigeon.