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Kathleen and Marek's wedding - June 25, 2016

Saturday June 25, 2016 - morning wedding prep
Helping set up the chairs and fold the napkins!  Dim sum at authentic restaurant in Quincy, MA with
14 of us.  "What's that?  Try some".

more wedding prep

Wedding pictures
Held in the backyard of Kathleen and Marek's home in South Easton, MA.  Gorgeous weather all weekend.  Marek's sister was the officiant.  Dancing, drinking and good times, and a kielbasa bar at 10:00 pm.  And I quote the DJ "I never in 25 years of doing this job have seen folks dance all 5 1/2 hours of the wedding".

more wedding pictures

US summer visit - Paris to Boston, part 1

Off to the US for the summer vacation and Kathleen and Marek's wedding!  Those pictures will be posted next.

Leaving Paris Wednesday June 22, arriving Boston, rental car, to hotel in Brockton, MA.  Dinner at El Mariachi (awesome tableside guac) then back to hotel to crash.  Ran into Kathleen at the hotel Thurs morning.  Some USA shopping at the mall and CPK for lunch, then to Kathleen and Marek's house in South Easton to meet his family and deliver the gift of comte cheese from Belisson.

Friday (pictures coming)
Carrie's family arrives after driving overnight from VA.  Fun at the pool, then we drove into Boston to meet JD's friend for lunch.

La Serre aux Papillons (the butterfly greenhouse)

Vincent and Zuzanna (she also lives in our building)
Field trip with Vincent's class (Moyenne section 7) to a butterfly greenhouse west of town.  28 four and five-year olds, some really colorful butterflies, a picnic, some rain, then back to school on the bus.

more pictures

Seems like just yesterday...

Vincent was born.

2nd birthday:

Happy 5th Birthday Vincent!

Opening cards and presents this morning.  And Vincent lost his first tooth yesterday - so much excitement.  It was also a gorgeous sunny day (we have not had enough of those this spring) so we decided to eat outside at Cornelius for dinner.

Morning, cards, pancakes for Vincent made my Alex, school, drinks outside at the Anjou, a special sparkler for Vincent from our friends at the Anjou, and soccer chocolates from Sylvain.

Opening presents, playing with play-doh(pâte à modeler) and bubbles, talking to the Grandparents on Skype, and a nice dinner outside at Cornelius.

JD's pictures opening gifts

pictures Alex took

Kathleen's Bridal Brunch

Kathleen and Carrie
A fun day with lots of laughs and stories at Lynn's house to celebrate Kathleen.  Beth took the good pictures at the end.  Menu was in honor of Kathleen's southern roots - hash brown breakfast casserole, spiral  ham, homemade pimento cheese (Lynn), biscuit bar, and Krispy Kreme stacked doghnut cake.  Oh, and prosecco in reference to the Italian honeymoon.

Krispy Kreme doughnut tower arranged by Carrie:

and the crabs we devoured later at Carrie's:

May 29, 2016 Grannie Happy 81st Birthday!

I took Grannie out for a nice meal for her birthday on May 29 while I was in town for Kathleen's shower.  The whole family will celebrate again when we are Stateside for our summer visit starting end of June.
some fun old pictures!
Pauline 5 1/2 years old:
Pauline - no date I have to ask her:

Pauline High School Graduation, EC Glass, Lynchburg VA, June 1953

Bonne Fête Maman May 29

May 29th was Mother's Day in France.  Vincent had his picture taken at the Village Fermier in our town.  Too cute.

pictures Fun at the Village Fermier and Jardin Bonheur while I was in the US.

more pictures while I was gone.

Yes, Paris is flooding

This is our town where it borders the Seine -

flood = inondation

More Levallois pictures here:

Worst flood since 1910.  We have not seen it in person even though our town touches part of the Seine as it winds around west of Paris. Lots of news and photos though -

article with lots of pictures:

Paris ready for peak flood

Video and text story:
River Seine set to keep rising as Louvre closes its doors