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Recent pictures.

A few pictures from last week, and this weekend. Building a tower, which Alex calls a "ta-too". Then we went to pick up JD at the airport on Sunday, and saw Aunt Andrea. Alex was excited to see his Dad, but perhaps more excited to see the all the airplanes.
Recent pictures.

We went to Toys R Us looking for dump trucks and trains, but Alex liked the play kitchen better.

On Friday night we went out for Vietnamese "pho" and Alex was determined to use chopsticks to eat our soup noodles. Then there was a grocery cart experience.

On Monday, President's Day, it was 70 degrees for about 4 hours and we took advantage of it.
Alex likes his bath movie.

And that soapy water is mighty tasty.

Self grooming afterwards. Who needs Mom and Dad when Alex can do it himself? And a lovely plate of french toast and fruit at La Madeleine Alex enjoyed with us after his eye doctor appointment on Tuesday. All is fine, no blocked tear duct, and he has perfect vision (which the doctor said probably won't last given parental history). But for now we'll take it! No wonder he can spot all those airplanes before we can.
Pictures from Carrie's Birthday party.

On Sunday Vicky and Greg invited us over to celebrate Carrie's birthday with their family. Alex tried to keep up with the big kids, and really enjoyed all the footballs and trucks. Natalie and Marie enjoyed playing dress up, and the boys were building a camp outside because "the General was coming" as Spencer told us.

See a movie of JD and David and Alex playing football
Pictures from last week and the weekend.

Alex has been busy - running running running! That is his new thing. And eating of course. And reading, and playing. And talking. Alex strings 2 and 3 words together and can really communicate now.

We went on a train ride in the mall and he wasn't sure if he liked it at first, but spent the rest of the night saying "choo choo". Grannie came over to visit on Saturday. We also went over to the Cahoon's to celebrate Carrie's birthday, and Alex loved all of Mitchell's toys.
Recent Pictures.

I am in the process of rearranging my office, and Alex and Lincoln seemed to really enjoy having access to the window. Other pictures include Alex playing the piano, watching football, playing, and David Cahoon making his rockin' chicken wings for the Super Bowl. They were awesome!
Alex just loves those airplanes!

We went to Gravelly Point yesterday and watched the planes land and take-off. What fun.

Do these slippers match my outfit?