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last day in Seville, Spain

confiteria La Campana We spent our last day in Sevilla walking around town some more and enjoying the great weather before we had to return to Paris.  We finally ate at the tapas place Bar Estrella we had been trying to get to all week.


The night before, for dinner, Alex had croquetas de cola de toro (croquettes with bull's tail), and later ate most of my cola de toro dinner (yes, more bull's tail).

Alex eats bull's tail

Cordoba, Spain

the Mezquita in Cordoba On Friday we took a day trip to Cordoba, Spain. It was only 45 minutes on the high speed train (AVE) which Alex loved.  We arrived just in time for some more delicious tapas. Then we walked around the old city, went to the Sephardic museum and synagogue, built in 1315.  Then it was on to the Mezquita, the Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba, originially a mosque which later had a cathedral built inside and around it.

pictures from Cordoba

Seville, Spain

We are on a quick vacation to Seville, Spain during Alex's winter vacation.  The weather is beautiful, clear and blue and sunny (70 degrees).  We've spent day one walking around the town and eating some great food and taking in the cathedral and architecture.

pictures day one

On day two, we toured the bullfighting arena and took a bus tour to see more of Seville.  Then we walked through the shopping district, and ate some more tapas (calamari and octopus and smoked salmon and cheese).   In the evening it was time for more tapas in the Santa Cruz neighborhood (more calamari and some shrimp).  Alex got into the dining hours in Spain, eating dinner at 10:30 pm.

pictures day two

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