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A cold gray day at the zoo.

But we still managed to have fun. When we got there is was feeding time as the lions and tigers chewed on hunks of meat. Highlights included the pandas (all three were inside and eating), billy goats, donkeys, and the elephants!

Donkeys chasing each other movie.

Alex's 2nd Birthday Party!

Alex's 2nd Birthday Party!

A good time was had by all. It was hot (83°F) and sunny. Attendees - Toots, Poppie, Aunt Shana, Grannie, Nagypapa, Aunt Andrea, Carrie, Mitchell, Natalie, Margaret, Nick, Suzanne, Paul, Maca, Gabby, Sofia (8 mos). And later Ilene and Josh stopped by. Margaret made the delicious cake, and Natalie was a big help during the party.

Alex loves his gifts, including a tricycle, remote control, clothes, number puzzle, T-ball set, firehouse, school bus, and step stool.

Alex loves the PlayHut from Z and GG, and that Alien bath towel!

The Grape Movie.

Happy Birthday Alex!

Alex is 2 years old!

Alex loved the present Aunt Rachel and Uncle Jon sent him - a space alien bath towel.

Cake movie.
Don't worry he didn't cut his finger on the knife!

There's no escaping genetics.


Look ma! I'm a PLAGUE!

Altoona math:
Twenty five people = Food for 100.

Happy Passover!

Alex falls out

Recent adventures.

Alex "falls out" on the kitchen floor. Hazards of being an almost 2 year old. Putting together his birthday present from Grannie and Nagypapa, a picnic table. Lincoln seemed to like the table also. Yesterday, Alex enjoyed walking around Old Town and up and down front stoops. It's all good.

bus truck baby

Alex doesn't quite know his colors but he's learning.

Alex attempts to identify the colors of the buses. He gets about one or two correct.
Sideways swinging.

Short movie of Alex in a swing from a few weeks ago. At first he wasn't sure he liked it (can you hear the whine of "get me outta here"?).
Pictures from the weekend.

Alex enjoyed Vietnamese Pho again - especially those noodles. Then he helped sweep the walk. Saturday we cleaned up his wagon and went for a walk.

We also went out for delicious Afghani food on Saturday night at the Afghan Kabob Restaurant. Alex particularly enjoyed the eggplant dish.
A bath in the big tub movie.

No more baby tubs for Alex!
Alex helps sweep the walk

And hear those birds! We love our 65 year+ trees. Alex learns to sweep in the tradition of Grannie(Pauline) and his Mom and probably Mama. He'll be a big help we're sure.
Pictures from the weekend.

Even though it was 80 degrees for a few hours yesterday (April 1), this past weekend was chilly. Alex enjoyed a playground near us, building towers (ta-toos), and other assorted Alex antics. We've learned to put Alex to work at the store, carrying his waffles. The last few pictures are from the top of the Kennedy Center, I went to see a play last night and the rooftop view can't be beat.