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Aquarium de Paris

field trip to Aquarium de Paris


more pictures
Alex's class went on a field trip to the Aquarium de Paris. The class had a great time, they loved the sharks, and the Mom's were exhausted afterwards. Alex has caught up on his sleep from being away and is enjoying being back in Paris with his friends. Spring is arriving with sun, warmer weather, and flowers.

last day night and day in Mexico, back to Paris

It was very hard to leave the great week of vacation we had in Mexico. Friday we headed back to Playa del Carmen for dinner. Saturday was another sunny day but with more wind in the morning that we'd had all week. We packed up and headed to the airport. When we landed in DC for our 5 hour layover, it was 75 degrees! Grannie met us at the airport for a few hours to visit with Alex, then we were off to Paris.

Last few days in Mexico

All good things must come to an end, but not before a boat ride, a tour of a spectacular 7,000 sq ft private villa in the Puerto jungle (Cahoons/Kurtzes - take note) and more tacos, margaritas, sun and fun.

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Tulum, Mexico

Tuesday night we went into town in Puerto Aventuras for dinner. On Wednesday, it was cloudy and rainy so we drove to Tulum, a small town south of where we are staying. We found a great folk art store, then had a great lunch at The Mezzanine and walked along the beach and went swimming since the weather cleared.

movie - running on the beach

Puerto Aventuras and Playa del Carmen, Mexico

We've spent the past few days enjoying Puerto Aventuras and the house we are renting - the pool, good eats, and walking around the town and marina. We enjoyed BBQ and karaoke at Gringo Dave's on Sunday night. On Monday we went to the beach for a bit. Tuesday we drove to Playa del Carmen, a great town where we had ceviche and beers by the water.

Dane pictures 1.
Dane pictures 2.
Dane pictures 3.
Dane pictures 4.


We're finally here on vacation! We've met up with Dane and Jenny, Beck and Xeva for a vacation in the sun. The first 48 hours of fun include pools, popsicles, margaritas and loads of food.

Pictures - round 1

Mace Jr.'s Birthday weekend in Annapolis

Pictures from Andrea's camera.
Andrea, Alex and I spent the weekend with Mace & Suzanne, celebrating Mace's birthday! Suzanne planned a fun weekend which included live music at Rams Headin Annapolis, lots of friends, cocktails, food, fun, and of course Alex and Eddy had a great time playing at the house.

Sunday was so nice and warm, Mace started his boat for the first time since winter and we went for a quick ride.

Good times! Movie - Alex drives the boat.

First week of March, Stateside

I wonder how many I can fit in my suitcase?
Alex has been helping Grannie get the rest of the snow out of her yard.

More pictures.
We had a big day on Thursday, we went to the Museum of American History, then out to visit Carrie and David.

Andrea's camera.


You know it's a bad day when you can't get a frozen waffle in the US.

Guess where we are? Yup, who planned a vacation to Mexico while we were living in Paris? Well, to ease the jet lag on the almost 4 year old (who had vacation from school anyway, because, hey, it's France), Alex and I flew to the US this week and JD will join us next week. Then we are off with Dane and Jenny and Beck and Xeva to a fabulous vacation villa south of Cancun, Mexico.

In the meantime, Alex is getting some good US time - baths (he doesn't bathe much in France...since we have a shower only), dirty snow, a good ole barbershop haircut, McDonald's, and jet lag naps and Papa's Hungarian paprika seedling garden. It's all good.