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We had a cool, gray weekend (we hear it's been nice and warm at home!).
On Saturday we walked from our neighborhood to the Eiffel Tower and had lunch nearby.
On Sunday, we walked around St. Germain, Notre Dame, and Le Marais.
This week.

Walking in Neuilly.
More parks and playgrounds.
More food. We also found the Whole Foods of Levallois, "La Ferme" (the farm).
Opening birthday cards.
Walking on L'île de la Jatte where we found a beehive of honey bees.
Alex opening his birthday gifts early from Toots and Poppie.
The weather on Saturday was cold and rainy, Sunday a little better. We walked all around Paris on Sunday, through the 17th and down Boulevard Haussman and Rue de Montorgueil.
Rest of the week.

Eating, cooking, setting the table, sitting outside our apartment, Alex's new stroller, flowers in Levallois, some football in the park, Lincoln's new litter box, more walking in Levallois, and the big playground we found. Alex really liked the frog.
More food pictures.

Testing out the frozen fare - the first two are frozen meals! The one on the left had 3 types of mushrooms and foie gras in the sauce.
Passover chocolate desserts from the local Kosher grocery store.
Alex after he the chocolate desserts.
Refrigerator shot!
Levallois, and the firehouse near us (les pompiers).
Weird wall thing.
Quickburger for lunch in La Defense.
Franklin is JD's office building, but it was closed on Easter Monday.
Carousel in La Defense. Alex chose the safe ride of the trolley car.
Helping set the table.
Watching the garbage trucks, which happen every night between garbage and the recycling trucks. Alex loves it.
A snail we tried to save.
Truck and train extravaganza on the coffee table.
I got my teddy bear cookies!
Nap time.
Alex makes himself at home with another little boy's Noddy toy.
Rest of the week.

Alex taking his soccer ball to the playground.
Lincoln finds a new nap spot.
Alex meets a boy at the playground who happens to be his upstairs neighbor.
More food pictures - Alex loved the smoked salmon we found at our locat grocery store.
A good Vietnamese spot right around the corner.
Chasing pigeons!
Saturday in Levallois - a great lunch at a "Turques et Greques" place in our neighborhood we found.
But of course they have the Simpsons in France.
Alex talking to Toots.
L'Arc de Triompe and Champs Elysees on Easter Sunday - it was mobbed.
Carousel in the Tuileries - Alex had an accident and fell off, but recovered quickly and got back on!


Alex took his first official ride on the carousel in our neighborhood Levallois on Sunday.

Movie of Alex on the Carousel

Sunday April 5th.
We walked around our neighborhood Levallois, and found the end of an Easter festival in the town square complete with a carousel and rabbits on display.

Then we went to Trocadero so Alex could see his "new" tower, the Eiffel Tower.

Monday and Tuesday.
More walking and exploring, shops are typically closed in the morning on Mondays. We found some cheese puffs, went to the playground again, and had a good dinner at home.

On Tuesday we visited Alex's preschool, The Lennen Bilingual School, located in the same building as the American Church in Paris. Alex will start on April 27th after the two week Spring break.
Saturday April 4th.

More Alex and the apartment pictures.

On Saturday we went to the Jardin d'Acclimatation in the Bois de Bologne. There was a small train Alex loved, and rides including an airplane and motorcycle and pirate ship.

Then we went shopping in La Defense, where JD's office is. Then it was back to the apartment for a chill night at home.

Days 1-3 (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday)

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