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ZooLights and Alex's Chorale concert

On Sunday we had some Holiday time with the Cahoon's and then went ZooLights at the National Zoo.  Tuesday night was Alex's Holiday Choral Concert for his chorus group at school.  Other activites included Vincent's second haircut and dinner at Buca di Beppo.


more pictures

Alex chorale

video Alex singing "The rattlin'bog"

"Feed the Birds"

Winter Fair and trains at Brookside Gardens

Saturday was the Winter Fair at Alex's school, then a trip to Brookside Gardens to see the annual train exhibit.  Vincent loves the "choo choos" as much as Alex.  Alex also took some very nice pictures.

Alex's class picture

Madame CURIONI classe CP (First grade) click for larger picture

It's been cold then hot then cold, so we've spent some time outdoors.  Vincent likes to walk around the block with Grannie.

basement antics