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Alex as Scooby-Doo

Sunday October 28th.

Fun at the Baltimore Aquarium with Toots and Poppie, then Rose and Beth's Halloween party. Alex enjoyed running around the aquarium, all the cool fish and turtles and stingrays and sharks, and the dolphins!

At the Halloween party, Alex wore his Scooby-Doo costume which was almost too small for him, oops. He ate some yummy food, played with Natalie's fairy princess wand, made a sticker trick or treat bag, frosted cookies with Vicky, discovered candy corn, and of course, passed out on the way home from all the fun.

18 month check-up

18 month check-up, all is well and on schedule. Only one shot this time.

Weight 25.9 lbs (50th percentile)
Height 33" (75th percentile)
Head (still big) 19 3/4 (95-97th percentile)

Recent pictures. Let's see, what happened this week? Well, we finally got rain for first time in what seems like months, but we needed it. Guess that is why it rained for three days straight. Alex continues to add words, eat lots, and just do his thing. He also continues to like to hold boxes, including Lincoln's new scratching pad.

What's this iceberg lettuce stuff?
Brusha brusha brusha.
Gimme that book!
Waiting for the doctor.
Bed head.

A boy and his waffles

A boy and his waffles. "I just want to be a boy with my waffles". Oh, and note the first picture, Alex loves to get at the computer.

Pumpkins! Alex loves to play with the pumpkins in the morning before we take him to daycare. I was also trying to get a picture at daycare of Alex and JD dressed alike (by mistake? on purpose?) but Alex didn't want to sit still and ran into his classroom.


Pictures below from last week and the weekend.

A busy fun week and weekend with a slight injury. Alex fell on a container and bruised and cut around his left eye. Ouch! On Saturday we went to Hains Point to see "The Awakening" sculpture, then Grannie babysat for us. Alex behaved and ate tons and played a lot. New words include "airplane" and "squirrel".

October 19.

October 20.

October 21.

Pumpkin patch

Pumpkins! Alex wasn't too sure about the pumpkin patch (at the local church where we always get our pumpkins). He had just woken up from his nap and was teething, and seemed more interested in eating the dirt than picking a pumpkin.

Miss Natalie in charge!

A really fun birthday. Carrie and David, if you are accessing internet from Denver - - we had a great time last night babysitting! (Although I bet those 1,600 beers are keeping you busy). As you can see from the pictures, a great time was had by all. Let's see, we ate your yummy dinner, played with the Wii, Alex ate your apples, the boys played soccer, Natalie showed Alex around, and we had birthday cake! Then we had a great breakfast, played some more, and were off to Maryland for a birthday lunch at Ferdinand's. Kathleen and Val, those pictures are for you! Luckily there were enough croutons on the salad bar as we got there early. And thanks for the beautiful flowers Val.

More pictures from Saturday.
Alex enjoyed visiting with Grannie and Nagypapa where he helped refill the bird bath with water. He played with the windchimes with Andrea, and he knows where his belly button is! Then he submitted to being measured - 31 inches tall!
Recent pictures.
See Alex point to his bottom then run behind the red chair!
See Alex help Dad get ready to go to NY.
See Alex climb up on the couch - and the mosquito bites on his leg, ouch.
See Alex in his new shirt from Toots, since it finally got colder today!

Fun in Annapolis on Saturday. Z and GG were in town for the US Sailboat show, so we met them in Annapolis. Alex was kind enough to take his nap in the stroller while we enjoyed some beverages and the lovely day.
Recent pictures. Messy eating pictures. Playing before going to daycare. Having a nice dinner at Sol de Espana in Rockville. Playing in the waiting room of DCA with Grannie's shopping bag.
Alex loves the new books Z and GG sent him! "The Grouchy Ladybug" and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". Alex especially like the holes in the book.

Alex can count to two also. 1....2.....

Finally, a haircut!

A busy weekend. We had a good but busy weekend. Toots came to visit, and Shana moved to DC. Then on Sunday we took Alex for a haircut, and then to Mount Vernon where it was "Revolutionary War Encampment" weekend complete with cannons. Alex's new word for the day is "obelisk" that Aunt Shana taught him when we were driving into DC.

Pictures from the past week - see links below. Alex likes to dip his waffles in syrup, and one night we had spaghetti. He can also reach the front door, watch out! What else? He needs a haircut but I don't think that bothers him. He loves trucks and buses, since we see a lot near where we live. Alex will see one and shout "Truck! Bus!". This week he also did something funny, he walked into the lawn sprinkler and just stood there.