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mmmmm corn on the cob!

The big picture dump. It's been a busy week, so here are all the pictures.

Memorial Day. Mmmm, corn on the cob and a barbecue with the Cahoon's. Alex had a fun time playing with Spencer, Mitchell and Natalie and didn't seem to mind Mitchell riding his train.

A visit from Toots!

Sunday May 27. Toots came to visit and Alex had a great time playing with her.

Part 2 more pictures from Toots' camera.
The big accomplishment this weekend, aside from enjoying Memorial Day and his first boat ride, was Alex learning to climb down the step into our TV/dining room area.

Happy Birthday Evie!

Pictures from Saturday May 26. Cousin Evie's Surprise Birthday Party at Mace and Suzanne's! A lovely Memorial Day Weekend, good food and a boat ride to Annapolis. Alex enjoyed playing with the balloons, the boat ride, and watching the dogs Monty and Jackpot - especially Jackpot - frolic on Mace's boat.
Weds Thurs pictures. Some funny ones - Alex with funny hair! Or what I call "Bela head" because he looks a little like Nagypapa in the forehead, especially if you comb his hair up. Alex also likes to throw the plastics balls from the Drop 'n Roar Dinosaur from Z and GG. Oh, and Alex is usually gentle with Lincoln, but sometimes (!) Alex grabs Lincoln's tail. And don't forget the Deitch trait of putting things on your head.

Pictures from the past few days.Beware, there are some gross pizza eating pictures. Don't look if messy baby eating pictures bother you.

Congratulations Bryn!

We went to Lynchburg for the weekend for Bryn's champagne brunch college graduation celebration. We had a great time, a nice visit with family, great weather, and lots of good food and drink. Alex enjoyed it, and really grooved on the quiches cousin Jackie made. Morgan's Junior Prom was also last night.

We had dueling digital cameras -
pictures from our camera and Jackie's camera.
A few pictures from this week. Dad's home from Manchester, and Alex was very glad to see him!

Monday May 14th. Alex still likes to put things on his head. He is also cutting his 6th tooth, and has discovered gnawing on the freezer door handle, the kitchen stool, really anything he can get his hands on.
Saturday May 12. A visit to Grannie and Nagypapa's. Lots of hugs and eating and crawling and "talking". Alex crawled up the stairs too for the first time - with Grannie right behind him!

Alex wants to give a big shout out to cousin Bryn Gardner who is graduating from 'Bama today! Congratulations Bryn!!!!

Friday May 11. I do not remember why Alex was so happy before daycare! He thought something was funny. He likes to put the Little People toys in his mouth. Also, the word "no" does not seem to deter him much from trying to get Lincoln's food.

Pictures from this week. A busy week, work, and now Dad's in Manchester! Alex has been up to his usual stuff, eating lots of course, crawling, "talking", pointing ("this" "this"), chasing Lincoln, and just being Alex.
Sunday May 6th. Naps, and then Marie, Mitchell and Beth's Birthday cookout at the Cahoon's. Lots of fun and food and games, even if it was a bit on the chilly side.

Friday Saturday. Mitchell's 6th Birthday was Friday, we went to dinner at Bob Evans, mmmmm. Mitchell and Spencer entertained Alex. Saturday - some playing and eating a popsicle with Dad.

A few pictures. Alex likes to pull up on the silver kitchen stool and push it around.

It's genetic...

We like to put things on our heads.

Pictures here: The Red Hat Series

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