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Never the smartest, always the sweetest...

1990 - 2006. We'll miss you, Eds.

Cat from Outer Space, June 2003.

Alex attends Barb and Bob's Big Birthday Bash

Alex just can't stop attending parties, but this was the biggest one yet. A big birthday bash at Barb and Bob's - chicken 'n biscuits, line dancing, moon bounce, and a big sleepover. Don't be deceived by the pictures, the rain actually stopped for most of the party.
Getting clean for the party.
Party pictures and the Day After.
Sat July 1 pictures. Lunch at Granny and Nagypapa's. Alex smiled, hung out, and napped. Then we went to visit Val at her new condo. Later, Alex attended another party at our neighbor Chad's where he charmed the girlies, then fell asleep as music was playing, and went home and slept 7 hours!
June 30 two month check-up. Alex weighs 13 lbs 4 oz (75-90th percentile), and is 24 1/2 inches long (95th percentile). He got 4 shots ("He's gotta have his dip-tet") and was pretty fussy but came out of it by Saturday.
June 29 pictures. Some smiles.
June 28 pictures. Giving Blue Dog lots of hugs.
June 27 pic…

Alex is 2 months old

June 23 evening. Margaritas at Chevy's and video games at Best Buy.
June 23 morning. Alex is wearing his cute OshKosh onesie Auntie Shaz sent.
June 22 pictures. More smiles, and talking (cooing, gurgling, etc).
June 21. Alex really likes to suck his right fist now. Auntie Shaz sent a cute bib "Shmutz" (a little mess).
June 21 evening. Smiles for JD after he returned from NY.
June 21 morning. A few more smiles.

June 20 pictures. Granny came over for a quick visit and Alex smiled for her.
June 19 evening. Tired after returning home from NY.
A very exciting weekend. Alex's first plane ride, and attended a JD work party in the Hamptons.
June 17 pictures. USAirways shuttle to NY. Research Science party in East Hampton. Clambake and chillin' at Steve's house. Alex had so much fun he slept 7 1/2 hours straight that night.
June 18 pictures. Southampton, East Hampton, Montauk - another good day.
June 19 pictures. Back to…

Alex is 7 weeks old

June 16 evening. Another bath for big weekend trip to the Hamptons.
See Alex smile at GJ. A few more pictures from when GJ was here to visit.
June 15 GJ visiting and June 16 morning. Watch Dad balance a mojito, Alex, and the bottle!
June 15 Watch Alex suck his right fist!
June 14 Alex hung out and smiled a few more times.
June 13 and June 14 morning. Alex is really lifting his head now, and pushing with his feet.
June 12 pictures Just a few smiling.
Sunday June 11 pictures. Another big day. Went with the Cahoon's to the Fairfax Festival. Saw a pot bellied pig and 3 day old billy goat. The hat GJ gave Alex came in handy. Another bath to wash off the sunscreen. More smiles. Posing with Dad. Oh, and Alex weighs 12 pounds.
See Alex kick the Kick Start Gym Granny gave him.
Sat June 10 pictures Went to Lee and Amy's annual party and had a good time. Met Arianna Baldera who is 6 months old.
Dom holding Alex and JD holding Arianna

Alex is 6 weeks old

June 10 morning pictures Another bath, more smiles, and a cute outfit Lynn and Debbie got Alex.
June 9 pictures Alex has found his right fist and likes to suck on it.
Smile pictures and a few more smiles
June 7 pictures A big smile day. Also, Alex went to Continental Billiards in Arlington to visit with John McArdle on his birthday, who was in town from San Francisco. Fun fun fun.
June 6 pictures More awake time. Played with Ox and Black Cat and Blue Dog. Watched Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith but fell asleep.
June 4 pictures and June 5 pictures See Alex sleep in the Baby Bjorn, make more faces, and grasp his thumbs in his hands.
Open House June 3 Eveyone came to meet Alex and see the house remodel. A good time was had by all, especially Alex, who stayed awake most of the day and enjoyed the party.
Bath time again