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September in full swing


more Vincent preschool pictures
His teacher, Ms. Debra, told us Vincent is very animated in class.
A WORD FROM MS. DEBRA about the Toddler class-- The children are adjusting well in the classroom ~ learning the daily routines ~ helping set up snack ~ cleaning up ~ sitting on the potty.  The children are exploring the classroom and all the different works. Favorites include washing hands and painting.  The Children are learning new songs and singing "old" favorites. You may hear them singing new songs around the house. We have also gone on a few walks. The children do very well holding each other's hands and seem to enjoy going out and about. "
pictures A ton of pictures of Vincent playing outside.
pictures Another ton of pictures from Alex's second soccer game.  JD is the official team photographer.  Alex's team won 1-0.  The official report "Les CE1/ CE 2 l 'emportent 1-0..resultat obtenu apres une forte domination. …

more September

It's not Halloween yet, but.....Alex is practicing
pictures rides at the Mall
Vincent at preschool So nice of the teachers to take pictures and email them to us.
more pictures Back to school night, piano practice for Alex (the lessons have started!), park after school (Candy Cane City in Rock Creek Park), Frank-Eli's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, and another park.

Alex's first soccer (football) match

Alex (#4) is playing soccer with his school and this year the team is part of a league with games every Saturday.  His team won the first game 7-1 and Alex even played goal keeper for the second half.

soccer pictures

more soccer pictures
with snacks afterwards

Vincent's preschool picnic

Vincent goes back to preschool

Back-to-school night on Tuesday for Vincent, then Wednesday was Vincent's first day back to preschool.  He was glad to see his teachers and friends from last year.  It was also Rosh Hashanah.

more pictures
We took advantage of the nice weather and went to the park afterschool.

September, La Rentrée, Back to school!

Tuesday was back to school for Alex.  He is in second grade (CE1, cours élémentaire), at Lycée Rochambeau.  He was very excited to see his friends from last year and meet some new ones.  Not much else to report.  We'll spend the next week getting back into the groove of things.


more pictures
Labor Day Weekend
We spent the weekend in DC, and for some reason ended up being where lots of folks were - Baltimore for some good Italian and then Port Discovery, but we didn't realize it was the Grand Prix.  Then on Sunday we went to the Air and Space Museum which apparently everyone else decided to do since it was hot and humid.  Alex's friend Frank-Eli came with us.  Lots of running around the massive museum and some cool airplanes.


more pictures