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Kitty Hawk 2008 - the end of the week

We're packing up now and getting ready to come home. It's been a great week. Highlights in this batch of photos include a trip to the fishing pier, pizza, Awful Arthur's, and some more good times with friends.

Click here to see the third batch of pics.

Kitty Hawk 2008 - days 2-3

Here's the second batch of pics from Kitty Hawk.

Also, make sure you check out the first batch again if you caught it shortly after we posted as about 1/3 of the pics got cut off somehow.

Finally, check out the YouTube video that's taking the world by storm - the Big Beach Dance Party ft. Alex, Natalie, and Kathleen!

Kitty Hawk 2008 - the trip down and the first full day

We're off to Kitty Hawk with friends for a week's vacation. Alex did well getting us there in good time and displayed none of his father's lead-footed tendencies. Sockmonkey was an able navigator and got us to a great little seafood place just outside of Newport News.

Click here for all the pictures from the trip down and the first full day.
Pictures from the weekend.

We went to visit Toots for the weekend after her foot surgery. Alex had a great time with all the toys and trains. We stopped by Grannie's on the way home and Alex played in the sink.

Playing in the sink with hairbrushes movie.


Pictures from last week.

Ice cream.
Reading books - favorites this week are "Go Dog Go" and "Peter Rabbit".
Clifford the Big Red Dog.
George Washington's Grist Mill for the Whiskey Rebellion.
Celebrating Andrea's birthday, Mace and Suzanne came over for brunch.

Fire trucks!

Pictures from the weekend.

Eating couscous (what a mess that is!).
Bike and motorcycle helmets.
Alexandria Friendship Firehouse Festival.
Playing with water at Grannie's.
Being nice to the new kitty.


Piano playing.

Aunt Adele would be so proud! Now we just need to get the piano tuned.