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Alex is 5 months old!

Saturday Sept 30th. A bath - see Alex show off his strong neck muscles! Playtime in the activity saucer. Alex's favorite thing to do is chew on the orange star. Grannie and Nagypapa came over for lunch and Alex entertained them by "talking", drooling, napping, laughing, and chewing on his toys.
Friday Sept 29. Hooray it's Friday. Naps, daycare, smiles for Dad.
Thurs Sept 28th. Napping with Grover (from Rachel and Jon). See Alex wear his hat "Kangol" style (at least that is what Kathleen calls it).
Sept 27. Four pictures, morning, afternoon, two in the evening! Is it just me, or does Alex resemble a member of the Lollipop Guild with the hair on top of his head?
September 26. Drooling, drooling, drooling. Alex drooled so much they had to change his shirt at daycare. Still no teeth yet.
Monday Sept 25. A fairly typical Monday. See a picture of Alex's daycare building, Tiny Tots Playroom. Alex was so tired from the weekend, and daycare, he came h…

Alex is 21 weeks old!

Saturday September 23. We had a busy day. First, services at Beth El. Alex went to the babysitting room and did fine. Then a nap, then we went to visit Spencer after his birthday party we had to miss. See Alex hold his bottle some more. Rose and Beth were also at Carrie's, and Alex had lots of smiles for them. See Spencer on the BMX track near his house. Natalie had a new purse from Grandma that she loved.
Friday September 22. A big day. JD installed Alex's new car seat since he has outgrown the infant carrier. See Alex in his swing at daycare! Then, Rosh Hashanah. See Alex grab for the Kiddush cup! See Alex hold his own bottle - he is so advanced! Then some reading, and of course, sleeping.
September 21st. Alex is Gigantor Baby! See him stand on the chair arm! He is also trying to roll over, but not quite yet.
September 20 and 21 morning. Dad went to NY for two days, and Alex was glad to see him return as always. Alex just can't stop drooling either. It was…

Alex is 20 weeks old!

Sunday Sept 17. In the hospitality suite after the big party, then visiting at Marjorie and Bruce Spivak's house in Carlisle, PA, before our drive home. A great weekend!
Saturday Sept 16. David Spivak's Bar Mitzvah in Harrisburg, PA. Alex had a very good time. We also went to Hershey Gardens Saturday afternoon. Alex is really starting to reach out and grab things.
September 15. Our first trip to Pennsylvania for David Spivak's Bar Mitzvah. See Alex with Z, Aunt Adele, and Aunt Amie.
September 14. Three pictures, and JD captured Alex's boo boo face in the third one.
September 13. See Alex in his new fall outfit. See him look like the Pope with the hat pulled up on his head!
Sept 11 and Sept 12. Not much new, we've had some chilly weather (63°F) so Alex had to wear pants for the first time! The fleece ones Dane and Jenny sent us came in handy.
Sunday September 10. A visit to Grannie and Nagypapa in Kensington. Alex smiled and stood up and entertained us by ta…

When the cat's away!

Tuesday September 5. Alex rocks the house with Dad as Mom is away on a business trip. We watched football, played video games, and even wore new pyjamas.

Wednesday September 6. Father and son self-portraits, and fun with webcams.

Thursday Sept 7 and Friday Sept 8. See Alex grab his feet, his new trick. Also, see him clash in his striped onesie with Dad, and striped blanket. Stripes everywhere!

Saturday Sept 9. A relaxing Saturday, Alex played and watched football with Dad. Then we went to Red Hot & Blue (BBQ) with the Cahoon's! Mitchell held Alex and he liked it.

Alex is 4 months 3 weeks old!

Monday Sept 4. A quiet Labor Day. Alex hung out, played, and napped. Alex is almost too big for his sink tub. Big baby!