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Recent pictures. Playing with an empty tissue box, eating a pineapple popsicle (mmmmmm), playing with the buckles on the small high chair seat - did we mention Alex is really into buckles?

Pictures from the past few days. Alex likes playing with the Legos Vicky gave us. Notice his VERY messy shirt, hazards of toddler eating. Yesterday we had a busy day, we got a new crib set up for Alex at Grannie and Nagypapa's where he promptly dove in to take a nap. Then we went to the Cahoon's to visit and have a nice dinner. Spencer made a really cool wagon contraption for Natalie and Alex to ride in, complete with a canopy. Thanks Spencer!
15 month check-up stats
Height 32" 75th percentile
Weight 24lbs 4.5 oz 50th percentile
Head 19 1/2" 95-97th percentile

A few pictures. Alex liked trying to eat with a spoon yesterday, although biting on it was more fun that eating with it. He continues to like to put things on his head, including his pants.

Alex also wants to give a shout out to Maureen and John, who welcomed Maisie Justine on Monday, July 23. A big congratulations to everyone, especially Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Jeff!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Pictures from the weekend. Alex liked trying to buckle the strap on the grocery cart. Saturday night we had a nice gathering for JD's birthday. Alex enjoyed blowing bubbles with Carrie and Mitchell. Walking update - Alex took a step unassisted on Sunday, but then went back to crawling.

July 20th. Eating, playing, pushing things around.

July 19th - Happy Birthday Dad. To celebrate we went to Generous George's for lunch with Carrie and Spencer, Mitchell and Natalie. See Mitchell's "plate art". Later in the evening we had cake, and Alex really enjoyed it.

Pictures from the past few days. Beware, corn on the cob messy eating pictures. Alex is teething this week, he is cutting a molar, so he's been a bit cranky, but still manages to eat and sleep well.
July 14th and 15th. A nice visit to Toots and Poppie's. Alex liked crawling up the stairs and learned how to crawl down too. Alex also started to let go for two seconds and stand without holding anything, and took a step or two! We also enjoyed a nice walk at Winterthur.
Tues Weds a few this morning. Alex liked drinking his milk from the single serve container with a straw. Alex's latest skill is pushing things around, including the brown cube footrest.

Pictures from the past few days. Alex helped Dad put together the new "audio pier" for our electronics equipment in the TV room. Alex also likes to stand propped against things now. Last night Alex enjoyed asparagus which he never had before, and some yummy blueberries for dessert. Everyday at daycare the ladies tell us what a good eater Alex is - as if we had any doubt! We've also decided that Alex has the "Caesar" haircut, which is so early 90's....eek.

Alex likes to read Red News! Sleeping, reading Red News, crawling over Dad, playing...

Hangin' with Dad

July 4th. A quiet day at home, Shana came down to visit. Alex likes to take big bites of his food, and try and touch the computer when we aren't looking!

Pictures from earlier this week. The old TV and....the new TV! Hooray!

A really nice Sunday. No humidity, we hung out and went for a walk in Old Town.

The first "paid for" haircut!

More of the new haircut.

Pictures from a few days before, and the haircut. Alex's hair was getting really long so we took him to a barber for a haircut. Not having a regular barber, JD chose the last one he went to in Washington DC in 1993, Camillo's!

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