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Musée archéologie nationale

"I'm hungry.  My legs hurt.  Can we go eat now?"
Last weekend was nice and sunny (and 70 degrees!) so we decided to visit the Musée archéologie nationale in St.-Germain-en-Laye, a short train ride from town.  Alex has been studying the paleolithic and neolithic periods at school.  He was supposed to go there on a field trip in January but then it was cancelled due to the "Plan Vigipirate".  After the museum we found a really good Mexican restaurant for lunch - the best we've had so far in France.

pictures from Alex's camera

more pictures
Park, soccer, games, haircuts, museum, Mexican lunch.

Park, lunch, cheese, more lunch, pâte à modeler (playdoh) to make escargots, more park.

Porto, Portugal

We just returned from four days in Porto for vacation.  We really enjoyed Porto, even more than Lisbon a few years ago.  Excellent food(fish, octopus, cheese, wine), and sights.  We stayed in an art deco hotel with a cool vintage car and toy collection.  We can't wait to go back.

A lot of the townhouses in the city are abandoned as folks have fled to the suburbs for more space for the money and the overall economic conditions.  The outside of the townhouses are preserved as a frame or shell, but the inside is vacant and crumbling.  You can see this in the pictures.  It's almost like a movie set.

Arriving Porto Tuesday evening.  Delicious meal around the corner from our hotel.  The waitress Sandra was so nice we went back there the next evening.

Double decker tour bus all around Porto.  Traditional Portuguese lunch at Brasao near our hotel, including the famous "Francesinha" sandwich from Porto - 4 kinds of meat, cheese, secret sauce with beer and ?. …