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Some pictures from this week. Playing, crawling, drooling, eating, in need of a haircut - there're all here.

Sunday June 24th. A visit to Ilana and Craig and Brian's in Frederick MD to meet Lindsey who was born on June 7th. Alex had fun playing in Brian's pool, and later playing with Brian and all his cool toys. It was also great to see Toots and Poppie and Shana and Danielle (who was in from Colorado for a visit).

More from Gary's camera.

Cahoon Summer Picnic (Carrie's quasi-Retirement Party)

A really fun party - moon bounce, great BBQ cooked by David Cahoon, and lots of friends and family. Unfortunately there aren't many pictures, we were too busy having fun. Even Barb rallied after her foot surgery on Friday to attend.

Alex still likes to put things on his head

Pictures from the week. Another big week - a spider bite (!), molars starting to come in, a bath in the kitchen sink - the fun never stops.

Sunday June 17. A nice Father's Day, lunch at Ferdinand's (!!), then we went to the Cahoon's for some Famous Dave's BBQ and sandbox fun - see Spencer, Mitchell and Natalie after they buried their feet in the wet sand.

Saturday June 16. Alex's new favorite item is the blue furry pillow. Also, Grannie and Nagypapa babysat and Grannie made Alex the famous "Zucchini Casserole" which he devoured!

Alex still likes to put things on his head and squeal. Hmmm, wonder where he got that from? Also, he has started going up the stairs (don't worry we'll get a rail at some point). Alex also discovered the on/off button on the TV. Great.

Lee & Amy's 8th Annual Summer Lawn Party

All the pictures. A great day on the Eastern Shore for Lee and Amy's party.

Alex likes to do his drawings...

Friday pix. Look how big Alex is getting!

Weds Thurs pictures. More drawing, Lincoln, standing, napping. Grannie came over on Thurs for a bit. See Alex try to run her over with his walker, after she gave him ice cream!

June 5th pictures. Ok, I wrote "Alex", but the rest is an Alex original. Alex is moving faster and faster around the house, but not walking yet. He likes to chase Lincoln and we have taken to saying "Run Lincoln run!".