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Vacances d'hiver (Winter Vacation)

mmm, spinach
Good thing we don't have a scale - after eating all of JD's croissants, pain au chocolats, brioches, pain au raisins, etc. that he made at his viennoiserie class at Le Cordon Bleu.  I refuse to let it go to waste!

Alex is on his two week winter vacation.  Most folks are going skiing.  Due to JD's travels for work, we stayed in Levallois the first week and a half, and are off to Portugal tomorrow for a family vacation.  We prefer sun to snow and cold right now.  Although the weather finally broke this week and it was almost 60°F today.  Vincent has been eating, eating, eating!


a few more pictures
The park, sculptures being set up in the Mairie, packing for Lisbon...

Three metres of pain au raisin

As if this needed further explanation.

Pastry and pictures

This weekend I took another course at Le Cordon Bleu. This time it was viennoiserie, which include all sorts of things that derive from croissant and brioche dough. The family approved. See the bounty as well as a variety of pictures in the link below.

pictures from the last week

Finally, a haircut for Alex

Alex finally got a desperately needed haircut.  More hanging around the apartment, and Sunday Funday on February 12.  The lesson was learning about tzedakah and decorating tzedakah boxes.  Vincent has been practicing sitting up.

pictures with Sunday Funday

more pictures


JD's travels - London, Manchester, Nuremberg Toy Fair

JD's been traveling a lot lately - London, Manchester, London, Nuremberg (Toy Fair), and the US.  Here are some pictures from Manchester and the Toy Fair in Nuremberg. He wasn't allowed to take pictures at the Lego display, but did bring home some great catalogs Alex has been entranced with.  In Nuremberg, he stayed in the extra apartment of his co-worker Ewa.  She has some collections and a trunk of schnapps. Love it.


Nuremberg Toy Fair

February - big freeze

It's been below freezing here for over two weeks, so no park, no fun outdoor activities.  Vincent has started to get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth.  We saw a Lamborghini in front of the Monoprix the other day. Vincent has enjoyed eating clementines and chicken.  Lincoln enjoyed the chicken leftovers.


Last of January

Vincent had to have a small procedure at the American Hospital of Paris.  He didn't have to stay overnight, and we were able to leave by mid-afternoon.  All is well.