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February marches on...snow. sun. a visit from Dane. vacation. lots of trips to the US etc. Freezing cold.

NOTE - this was from the last snow...our courtyard!

Will I ever catch up on the photos from these past 2/3 months?  Probably not!  Those of you in the know, know why.  Nothing bad, just LOTS of activity and flights over the pond for personal and work (JD) and then there's life - work for JD, school for the kids, having a delicious meal and good glass of wine or champagne when we can.  No sleep for the weary.  It's that kind of year.  All good, just lots going on. Family, friends, you don't have to tell us twice what it's about.

Dane, we love you for making the effort and you have a family and work and we are almost 5,000 miles apart.  Like no time had passed.  True friends.

pictures this past weekend Feb 17-18
Before JD had to go to Amsterdam for IIEX and then Sevilla for the Manchester away.