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Vincent's tonsillectomy!

Never a dull moment.  We returned to France on Monday July 18 to the warmest day of the year in France so far.  And Tuesday was only 96 F.  Vincent had his tonsils taken out on July 20, all pre-scheduled.  He was very brave and got to spend the night in the hospital.

He had a lot of pain, but the nurses gave him painkiller.  The next day we took a taxi home and Vincent was hungry so he helped make eggs.  Then he ate a lot of popsicles!

And we forgot Mickey in the US (oh no!) so Clifford went instead.  Grannie has mailed Mickey to us.


Fort Delaware and Tyler Arboretum

Fort Delaware
First lunch in New Castle at Jessop's Tavern with "colonial costume and eats".  Over 300  beers available, not bad.  Then a visit to Fort Delaware which was really cool.  We took a 15 minute boat ride to the fort.  It was POW days, with war re-enacters including a musketry demonstration and Victorian children's games.

Fort Delaware is where over 12,500 Confederate soldiers were imprisioned during the Civil War, most were captured in Gettysburg.  The Fort was also used during WW1 and WW2.

Tyler Arboretum
A nice day hiking through Tyler Arboretum.  Cool trails, treehouses, wooded glens, enchanted forests, butterflies, and goats.  And then we went to Catherine Rooney's to watch the Euro final and France lose to Portugal.

The Crooked Goblin house at Tyler Arboretum:

Boston to Washington DC

Dusty Crophopper is ready for his trip from Paris to Boston
Monday June 27 we flew from Boston to DC to continue our summer visit.  We headed around the Beltway to Grannie's house in Kensington where Alex and Vincent were very happy to see her, it's been six months since the last visit.  Alex is almost as tall as Grannie!

Alex's camera
Leaving Paris, hotel pool in Boston, RV Park Cherry Hill, MD, bubble and garden hose fun at Grannie's.

day after wedding Polish afterparty "poprawiny"

The day after Kathleen and Marek's wedding we returned to their house for the after party, including a very large Polish meal all homemade by Marek's mother and family.  The kids had fun playing bartender and baseball and we stayed all day and didn't want to leave.

a few more

Vincent the Polish Kielbasa