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end of January - arctic blast

We've been very busy with the snow and ice and second arctic blast that we are behind on posting pictures.  Here are some from the end of December and a few recent ones.  Nothing like 5 days off in a row! (weekend, MLK day, 2 snow days).

Alex & Vincent


Baltimore Train Museum

more Christmas


The holidays are exhausting! It's been awhile since we posted pictures.  We were very busy with the holidays and eating and visiting and two weeks of vacation.  Plus there was snow and the arctic chill.

end of December
A quick trip to Atlanta to see Val and New Year's Eve at the Cahoon's.

first weeks of January
New Year's Day open house at Rose and Beth's, snow, ice, shoveling, cooking, haircuts (very short!), brunch at Agora.

more pictures
It was so cold an egg froze outside in water.  Eating, bird feeder, Grannie's gloves, Alex's MSI goalkeeping class, more cooking, Home Depot, National Harbor, Capital Yacht Club,

more coming