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end of March

We've had some warm weather so we have gotten to spend a lot of time in the park after school.

Sunday Funday

Parc de la Plancette


Escrime (fencing)

Alex's class at school is taking fencing lessons every Tuesday.  Here are pictures from the first session:


First tooth!

Vincent's first tooth!
Vincent's first tooth arrived on March 10.  We've also had some nice warm weather, although not as warm as the United States.  We had to get a costume for Alex for the "fête du Printemps" next week at his school. He chose Darth Vader.


Lisbon, Portugal

We just returned from a fabulous five day vacation to Lisbon, Portugal.  The weather was great, some clouds but warm and mostly sunny.  We ate many good meals including lots of fish, potatoes, greens, eggs, and egg tart pastries.  We walked our butts off on the streets and hills of the town.  On Sunday we took a train 30 minutes outside the city to the historic town of Sintra and hiked all over Quinta da Regaleira, an historic garden estate. 

Alex had a great time running around the city, seeing all the castles, riding on the sightseeing tour bus, looking at the maps, and eating, eating, eating.  Vincent was very good on the plane and in his stroller which he had to stay in most of the time.  Vincent also enjoyed the fish and the yummy potatoes - and some sangria!

Day 1 and 2  Arriving Lisbon in the evening Hotel Aviz, two hour flight from Paris.  Dinner at Faca e Garfo.  Friday - sightseeing tour bus (the Red line), Torre de Belém (Belém Tower), lunch at Aqui Ha Peixe.  Dinner at exc…