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Vincent school carnival, Space Book, chorus, Antoine party

Vincent as a French astronaut
Kermesse (Carnival) at Vincent's school Friday night.  Vincent enjoyed the water balloon toss with his teacher Silvi from petite section.  Then he showed us his space book and did Legos with Alex.

Vincent's space book
Vincent's class spent an entire trimester on the subject of outer space and the planets, solar system, and constellations.  Part of this was because the first French astronaut Thomas Pesquet was in space and just returned after 196 days on the International Space Station.

Sunday, Vincent attended Antoine's birthday party in the Jardin d'Acclimatation.  JD and I went to visit the cool new museum Fondation Louis Vuitton.  Vincent had a great time, the theme was superheroes and Antoine's mother made them all capes.  We walked all the way home.

more Antoine party pictures

Tuesday was orientation for CP (first grade) in the cafeteria of the elementary school and a visit to a CP classroom.

Vincent was also ac…

Vincent loses 1st front tooth

It's gone!

Vincent's avocado plant

Vincent's class each grew an avocado plant from a seed and brought it home last week.  He was very proud.  We gave it lots of water and it perked up right away.  Lincoln likes to nap by it in the sun.

Vincent loses his 3rd tooth

Finally, he has about 5 that are loose.  He lost it in the bedsheets but I found it thank goodness.  He last lost a tooth one year ago.  Some more are ready to tumble.

Alex chorus concert and Summer Festival weekend

Thurs and Friday
Summer heat is upon us, so we were relaxing in the cool breeze at the Anjou - where Vincent brought me my margarita and the local dog was hanging at the bar.  Vincent brought his avocado plant home he grew in school all year.  He was very proud of it.

Friday, Alex's 5th grade (CM2) chorus concert at school.  They practiced all year and sang about 12 French songs including "La Marseillaise" and "Douce France".

Annual Summer Fair (Fête de l'été-Ville de Levallois) in our town, theme was 70's, 80's, and 90's.  They go all out with games, music, rides, entertainment.  Lots of fun and we had great weather, lots of sun.  Vincent ran into some of his friends from school which was nice.  Vincent was playing with a water balloon until it exploded.  There was as disco dance party until midnight but we did not stay.

Vincent and I went back to the fair so he could do the trampoline and water bubbles.



water bubb…

Vincent's 6th birthday

morning pictures
Opening gifts before school.  Good times! More pictures coming,  Vincent loved all his gifts, especially the n-spinners from Lincoln. (Mom, how did Lincoln tell you that's what I wanted?)

rest of the pictures from Vincent's birthday celebration
Presents, going to school, our lunch while Vincent was at school (yum), snacks, sushi, cake.

making the yogurt cake
We practiced making the yogurt cake that Vincent was going to make in school with his teacher on June 6th to celebrate his birthday.  Delicious!  He said the one at school was even better.

afternoon -
Vincent's pick of sushi for dinner, then chocolate birthday cake!


Plaza Mayor
A 3-day trip to Madrid (Gab only) to visit a good friend Jeff who was visiting Madrid from San Francisco for vacation.  Jeff and I realized we first met through John McArdle in 2002.  We had some fun times in between, including Bodega Bay 2005 (run like the birds are chasing you) and Cape Cod 2004  (I think this table will hold you) but I digress.  He looked us up again in Paris in Oct 2015, then I saw him this past January in San Fran, and now Madrid.

We had a great time, lots of sun, warm weather, tapas, delicious inexpensive wine and cava, walking, and we were there when Real Madrid won the Champions League Saturday night, and saw the tour bus bringing the players to their celebration party on Sunday.  How cool.

Leaving Paris, bus to Orly past the Eiffel tower, arrive Madrid, hotel Petit Palais Tres Cruces in the busy downtown area, dinner with Jeff - sangria and tapas of course.

Saturday morning
Jeff was staying around the corner from me at the Praktik Metropol h…