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Passover in Altoona

Brushing teeth, tying shoes, yard on Saturday.  We had one nice day of sun.  Grannie came over and started cleaning the yard.  We moved a pot and discovered roly-polies and a centipede Alex enjoyed watching.

to Altoona
We drove up to Altoona on Sunday.  We found a great Bavarian restaurant in Hagerstown for lunch, Schmankerl Stube.  Then it was on to Altoona.

Snow, preparing for the Seder, having the Seder. 
Playing the next day before leaving.
more outside
more Passover

more March

Keeping busy while the weather stays cold and windy.  JD had some travels to LA and San Fran, there was some snow earlier in the month, and the boys have been playing, playing, playing indoors and out.  Alex had his friend Frank-Eli over, and Vincent likes to run around the yard with the recycling.


more pictures

a few more


Vincent and his wagon at preschool (the teacher took this picture)
Alex's air and space museum he designed
pictures Some more pictures of the house and cooking and backyard fun.

end of Feb....March....

Lots of time in our new house since it's been very cold outside.  A visit to Toots and Poppie's house.  Natalie and Mitchell stopped by and enjoyed the backyard with Alex.

house antics

visit to Toots and Poppie's
Toys and thai food and Legos and the mall and Charcoal Pit and a playground.

gymnastics in the backyard