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Affinage: the Art and Science of Maturing Cheese

For detailed coverage see JD's cheese blog about his attendance at the cheese course:

the beautiful countryside:

two week cheese course

JD is attending a 2 week cheese course near Lyon taught by the Academy Opus Caseus.:

Essential Foundations for Cheese Profesionals September 12-16, 2016

Affinage: the Art and Science of Maturing CheeseSeptember 19-23, 2016


For detailed coverage see JD's cheese blog:

Alex gets braces (bagues)

Top row braces!  And so the adventure begins...

Alex back to school night
CM2 (5th grade)
Also, there were the requisite back to school night parent meetings.  No pictures from Vincent's except for his drawing:

Barbie museum exhibit

We finally made it into town to see the Barbie exhibit.  It was really cool and also included the history of dolls, and historical Mattel documents and products.  Even if you don't like Barbie you would enjoy this exhibit.

La rentrée 2016-2017

back to school !

Back to school September 1st.  France goes back on Sept 1st no matter what week day it falls on.

Alex is in class CM2 (5th grade) and Vincent is in Grande Section (kindergarten). Everyone was very excited to go back to school.  Vincent's classroom is on the top floor facing the courtyard and he has a male teacher this year.  This is the last year their school will be next to each other as Alex will go off to middle school (college they call it in France) for 2017-2018.

Alex pictures
Vincent waking up, then Alex's school.

Alex told us he had a great first day, he had a desk near the window and could see outside and hear the birds.  He said his teacher was very nice.

Vincent pictures
There are several children in Vincent's class from last year, and a few from two years ago - Xavier, Joseph, Violette, Margot, Martin, Sandro, Houleye, Marvin.   Plus Vincent knows children in the other classes so that's nice.

More pictures from JD's camera
Walking to scho…