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We are very behind in posting pictures.  Just busy with some really cold, snowy, icy weather is all.

Snowchi Feb 13-14
A foot of snow.  Making Valentine's Day cards, shoveling at our old house, sledding in the front yard.

Fado, DC, National Gallery of Art, last meal out at Mi Rancho before snow hit (12+ inches, 2 days off of school + winter break = 12 days no school for Alex).

Feb 8
Bibi's birthday party (Vincent), and Carrie's birthday.  Alex made Carrie a cake.

Wizards vs. Spurs Verizon Center
double overtime, fun game with event for French American Chamber of Commerce

amaryllis, snow, blue jays at the bird feeder, goalkeeping, DC, snacks, playing

Jan 19
eating, DC, more eating

school, cooking, Alex's goalkeeping class

Natalie's 10th birthday party
cake pops!