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Cahoon End of Summer/David's Birthday party

Saturday was the event of the summer - the Cahoon End of Summer/David's 50th Birthday party!  A ton of folks and a ton of fun - home brewed beer, smoked meat (and lots of it), moon bounce, splatter art, ice cones, cornhole, and good times with good friends.  And Chris Campbell's band "Old Lady Afro" played.  So much fun.


more pictures

after the party...

The Day Afterpictures

end of summer, Vincent, cooking, eating, backyard pool fun

visit to Wilmington

Visit to Wilmington
A trip to Wilmington to visit Toots and Poppie.  Museum of Natural History and Joe's Crab Shack on the water.  On Wednesday we went into Philadelphia to the Seaport Museum and then had sub sandwiches at Sarcone's deli.

more Wilmington
World's Tallest Lego Tower article

more Philly
Seaport Museum, Little Italy, Legos, trucks from the attic, lunch in Ellicott City at a French restaurant.

piano, popsicles, yard, more popsicles, train table

Savage Mill
To meet up with Suzanne, Eddy and Angie for lunch.

last weeks of summer

eating, rides at the mall, park, Rock Creek

a few of Vincent

last day of camp(s)

Today was the last day of both Alex and Vincent's summer camps.  It was also the Bar-T Ranch Parent show.  Alex's group 2B-Boys performed to "Circle of Life" from the Lion King.  There was also an ice cream truck and Italian ice.


pictures from the camp photographer

video - 2B-Boys perform "Circle of Life"

Dog Days of August

But who can complain, really, when it was actually chilly last week in DC in August?  Odd, but we'll take it after one of the hottest summers ever last year.  Alex continues his adventures at camp, where it was "Team Olympics" and Alex was on the green team.  What would we do without Party City for supplies?

More camp, Grannie, Alex lost tooth #5, challah, Pho, playground, haircuts at Olypmic Barbershop Kensington, dinner outside at The Limerick Pub in Wheaton (good food and drink).

more pictures
Vincent's pajama day at camp, Alex's green team day at camp, lunch at Jaleo in Bethesda.

Alex camp pictures
He's in all of them - see if you can spot him.

Alex swimming video

pictures - Frank-Eli came over to visit

pictures - goofing around the house

pictures - reading, Green Team day, outside