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Alex's birthday party

We had a moonbounce and 13 kids and Grannie and Toots and Poppie and Aunt Shana and Suzanne and Eddy.  Lots of jumping and fun and presents!


more pictures from the party

Happy 7th Birthday Alex!

Birthday pictures coming....Alex had a good day, he went to Mad Science Camp "Earth" and shared cupcakes with the class.  For dinner he wanted his favorite meal of steak, mashed potatoes, and broccoli.

some pictures from Alex's birthday

opening some cool gifts from Kathleen

JD was in Romania last week so we entertained ourselves with lots of outside play, with some hot weather and cooler weather.  Alex likes to climb the dogwood tree in our backyard, and Vincent loves to kick the ball.  Snacks are fun too.

April 13
outside nice weekend Grannie's

April 17
outside yardwork snacks

April 20
inside and outside

April 22
more outside fun and the breakfast burrito

Hot in April

We just had three days of 90 degree weather.  Strange, but enjoyable.  We broke out the kiddie pool and everything.


more pictures

a few more

April arrives

Enjoying the plastic toy car Ed and Adele gave Vincent, and other toys we have acquired from neighbors who no longer need them.  Alex finally learned how to tie his shoes.  A nice evening and dinner at Carrie's house for Kathleen's birthday. 

Lamb for Easter and a visit from Toots and Poppie and Shana.  A fun game of Apples to Apples.

Lunch in Del Ray.  Kathleen's birthday continues.  Lunch the next day at Continental Pizza.

More outside, Alex's school. 

Finally sunny and warm, 70+ degrees.  Yay.  John made his world famous ziti, too bad JD missed it he was on his way to Romania for work.

Alex gets glasses

Alex got his first pair of glasses last Friday.  Vincent wanted to try some on too.