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Pictures from last week and this weekend.

Fish and chips (and Guinness) at the chippy. They even had mushy peas!
Trying on Alex's Halloween costume.
Driving across the 14th St bridge on Sunday we saw Marine One, and the Marine Corps Marathon runners!
Rose and Beth's Halloween party. Lots of food and fun and friends. Alex didn't want to wear his costume though. Later we went for a walk and played in the bamboo.

Just jump on the hump of the Wump of Gump!

Pictures from last weekend.
Playing with trains in the kitchen.
Snacks outside, and pulling the wagon.
Grannie and Aunt Andrea came over and we went for a walk.
Alex is really into "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" now. He jumps up and down and says "hump of a wump of a gump"!
This video is from week before last -

Dancing with David.

Keeping Austin weird, one toddler at a time.

We're in Austin now visiting Rachel (JD's sister) and Jon. We enjoyed the flight to Houston, dinner with JD's friends Tom and Cheryl, breakfast with JD's dad and stepmother and lunch with Gabby's former colleague Jim. Just as we thought things couldn't get any better, we realized we needed to take Alex to the Urgent Care to get a shot and some antibiotics for his upper respiratory infection and ear infections. He's all better now though. :-)

Click here for the pictures. We'll have more descriptions of the events soon, but Rachel has company now and they are forcing me to have a beer.
Pictures from last Sunday - more Eddy Lee!

We went to visit Mace and Suzanne and Eddy Lee on Sunday. Suzanne's family was visiting and we had a great time - the boys, Eddy Lee, Matthew and Alex got along nicely, and really enjoyed Jimmy's golf cart.
Last week.
Playing with the truck pillow.
Watching airplanes.
Picnic outside.
Reading "Red News".
Birthday party at Carrie's! (Thanks for a great meal and all those steaks and sausages from Nicks of Calvert).
Last weekend.

When we went over to Grannie's, Alex was very dissappointed that summer is over so he just sat in the pool and played with his toys.

On Sunday we went over to see Sara, Bryan, Jeffrey and Heather at Val's Mom's house.

Reading the Freight Train book

Reading the Freight Train book.

Alex loves the "Freight Train" book Toots brought him.