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Vincent's summer camp

Vincent is going to the Silver Spring Learning Center for his summer camp.  Everyday there is water play outside and the first week there was a petting zoo.

more July

Alex's second week at camp.  More swimming and activities at the camp's Waredaca farm including a climbing tower, lake, and zip line.  On Friday night Alex had a camp party and sleepover including campfire, smores, and sleeping in a yurt.  It was also a heat wave with the heat index over 100 degrees all week.  Ugh.

The Week
Vincent made challah, our first visit to Pacci's Trattoria when Alex was starving and grumpy, camp, Slurpee's, zip lining, swimming, Mitchell and Natalie's summer art camp.

Maisie's Birthday party at Pump it Up
Alex and Vincent had a great time.  Blurry pictures full of red-eyed children, sorry.

JD's birthday weekend
Lunch on Saturday at Pacci's Trattoria our new favorite restaurant where you can eat outside and the food is great.  Those are hard to find around here.

short movie Alex swimming

July - Alex goes to camp

Alex's first day of camp
Alex is attending BAR-T summer day camp for five weeks.  Monday was his first day.  He loves it.  Lots of activities and kids and music and swimming.  Vincent is also going to "summer camp" at the Silver Spring Learning Center.  He's in the Yaldei Shalom class, there's lots of water play and arts and crafts and and he makes challah on Fridays.

more camp
More camp pictures, and Friday was parent's day where Alex's group performed on stage.

Alex's group 2-C boys perform
Alex is difficult to see in the back

last Sunday
Quick visit to Cahoon's for Nick's birthday(14).

Beach! Outer Banks, NC

Week of July 4th in Nags Head, NC with Kathleen, Marek, and his kids.  The week started out rainy but improved greatly.  Rose, Beth, Carrie and David also came down end of the week.  Lots of fun, sun, beach, pool, hot tub, and seafood.  Vincent loved the water and Alex could not get enough of scuba diving in the hot tub.

Newall Canon EOS pictures

June 29
Driving down, arriving, rain, house (#623 Blue Crab), beach.

Sun June 30
eating, rain, beach, pool, der schwimmen flugen, Marek's seafood fest

Mon July 1
dance party, margaritas, taco night, playing cards "I doubt it"

Tues July 2
Mexican breakfast buffet, better weather, pool, pizza, dinner on Nags Head Fishing Pier
with a rainbow.

Weds July 3
Even better weather, lots of sun, beach, Rose & Beth arrived, more pool and beach, Lime-a-rita's and brownies.

Thurs July 4
Cahoon's arrived (12:30 a.m.), beach, food, drinks, pickle jar, sparklers and fireworks.

Fri July 5
Last day, pool time, Lucky 12 for lunch (fried pickl…