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The Amalfi Coast

Positano, Italy We just returned from a fabulous 5 day vacation to the Amalfi Coast in Italy.  More pictures and stories coming...the views and food and wine were spectacular.  And as JD likes to say, "Italy is Italian for chaos".
Day 1 Naples to Praiano, Italy

Day 2 driving the winding road along the Amalfi Coast

Day 3 Sorrento and Pompei

Day 4 Capri and Positano

Day 5 back to Naples and Paris

More pictures

The rest of the pictures

Some highlights
-Mount Vesuvius
-Alex's first loose tooth
-the view from our balcony
-seeing Jupiter in the clear night sky
-breakfast in bed (Alex)
-spaghetti (Alex)
-the wine, the pasta, the limoncello, and Francesco the waiter at our hotel
-our fabulous hotel and the folks that ran it (Hotel Margherita)
-the sumptuous gourmet meal we had the day it was raining in a restaurant on a cliff
-the chaos that is Italy


Some pictures of Vincent Vincent is getting very strong and can hold his head up and really grab things with his hands and get them to his mouth.
Fall has definitely arrived with our first morning temperatures in the high 30's.  Ouch.  Days are still warm and sunny but probably not for long!  And now it's time for the Toussaint vacation (10/23 - 11/3).  JD was in Madrid for a quick work trip (no pictures).

10-16 clothes from Toots, weekend

Sunday Funday, Sukkot

Sunday Funday websitewhat is Sukkot?

10-21 a walk in Paris, our town, the weekend, Vincent


We've been going to the park after school with some of the girls from Alex's school.   They have their snack (goûter) and then run around and play.  Vincent's new skills this month include grabbing things, like the soccer ball Maureen gave him, and putting them in his mouth.  Then there was some cake and caramel for my birthday.

JD had a work trip to Milan (no pictures) and Étretat (tons of pictures).  He said the food was fabulous. 

park and cake


an October day walking around Paris
Rue Cler, Jardin du Luxembourg, the Marais

Vincent gets to start eating food.....

Shana left on Monday to head back to the States.  We've started Vincent on food - in France they start them around 4 months with purees and compotes, as opposed to with Alex it was at 6 months and with rice cereal.  Vincent didn't really like the haricots verts as you will see from the pictures. Then it was Yom Kippur.  We cooked lamb from a Kosher deli in our town and it was delicious.

large camera pictures

small camera


Reims cathedral
Yesterday we took a day trip to Reims, 45 mins by TGV from Paris (over 300 km an hour).  We enjoyed walking around the city, seeing the cathedral where 25 Kings of France have been crowned, taking the Petit Train, drinking champagne, and touring the Pommery champagne cellars.  There was a strange art exhibit all through the cellars involving sound and light.

pictures small camera

pictures large camera - Friday night and Saturday Reims