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US trip Dec 17 - January 2

This will go down as the warmest December visit to Washington DC ever.  Some years we were delayed by snow in Paris and arrived to two feet of snow and freezing cold.  Not this year!  "D.C. area forecast: Record-crushing warmth and humid; Wacky weather lasts through weekend".

Dec 17-18
Leaving Paris Thursday on Boeing 777.  Air France lounge for some food first.  8 1/2 hours and 4 movies each later, arriving Dulles.  No delays and we were the only plane in customs.  Rental car, quick visit to the Cahoon's, onward to Grannie's.

Weekend with Toots and Poppie
Trip to Delaware to visit Toots and Poppie.  Aunt Shana came too.  First we stopped at Fado to watch the Manchester United game.  Presents, making gingersnap cookies with Aunt Shana, toys and coloring in the basement, and a nice dinner.

Longwood Gardens
We only made it through the Conservatory the place is so big, but the decorations and flowers and plantings were beautiful and amazing.  Lunch at Harvest Seasonal, a …
Hanukkah - I found some frozen potato pancakes at the store, they were eh (the Jewish store near us was all sold out!), presents, meal at Cornelius (check out that bone marrow), removal of Vincent's stitches, park, marche Noel in our town where Alex did the trampoline jump, Vincent and Alex did the big slide and electric cars and duck grab.

bone marrow appetizer at Cornelius -

goose for sale at the market

marché Noël (Christmas Market)

A walk into Paris to purchase new shoes for Vincent.  There was a cool bike exhibit for the Climate Conference where you could generate electricity by peddling.  The we enjoyed the marché Noël on the Champs-Elysees - crepes, churros, vin chaud (mulled wine), champagne, hamburger with foie gras, choucroute Alsacienne, roasted mushroom.  Yum!  We also puchased some really good cheese from a vendor from Provence.

Berlin pictures
JD went to Berlin to see the Manchester United-Wolfsburg match with Duncan, Ian, etc.

Alex's track and field class including the high jump, lighting the Hanukkah candles and eating doughnuts, playdoh, art at school, park before piano.

and the French word for stitches is...

...points de suture!

Vincent fell at school during recess Tues Dec 1 and cut his left eyebrow.  A quick visit to the emergency room in our town (81 euros total before insurance pays) and 2 stitches later, he's fine.  He was very brave and even received a "Courage Award" from the doctor.

stitches = points de suture
eyebrow = sourcil
scar = cicatrice


Thanksgiving meal in France

We cooked our meal to celebrate US Thanksgiving on Saturday -
haute cuisse de dinde (turkey thigh)stuffing (French bread, leeks, fennel, turkey sausage, fresh herbs)brussel sprouts with balsamic glazeroasted carrots and parsnips with honey and fresh thymeapple tart, macarons, chocolate mousse (from the pâtisserie)

We did not purchase the 60 euro whole turkey with head and tail (nor the hanging piglet):