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The Farnham Resort

The Farnham Resort.
(The first two pictures are from DC on Thurs night)

We just spent a fabulous weekend with the Kurtz family at Margaret and Nick's home on the water in the Northern Neck of Virginia. The pictures speak for themselves - sun, fun, boating, good food, good times, great friends.

Spencer knee boarding movie.
Week of June 23.

Walking around Old Town. Watching the planes approach DCA.
June 21-22, 2008.

Toots came to visit. We watched the planes at Gravelly Point. Alex also liked pulling Toots's suitcase around the train station.


Last Friday.
Alex was better and we went out to Jaleo in Crystal City. Alex enjoyed the airplane sculpture exhibit.
Week of sick.

Sleeping on the couch.
Eating pretzels - the only bland thing besides waffles Alex could eat since his mouth hurt.
Watching the garbage and recycling trucks out the window.
Wagon time.
Feeling better and eating chips and dip.
The house as a chalkboard.
Making nice to Lincoln.
Piano playing.

Alex and Dad sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Fun in the pool last weekend.

In the pool movie.

Grannie babysat for us, and Alex enjoyed the kiddie pool. Andrea came over too, and Yolanda stopped by for a visit. When we got home Sunday night, Alex had a fever and came down with Coxsackie's virus. He's all better now.
Pictures from the week.

Thai food in Old Town last Sunday, walking around Old Town - it was hot!
Being nice to Lincoln.
New shoes.
Helping with groceries.
Reading the truck book.
Creatively playing with the Bilibo.
Obsession this week was track excavators "tra eh da".

Lindsey's 1st Birthday party

Lindsey's 1st Birthday party.

It was hot so there was some pool time. Alex enjoyed playing with cousin Brian's lawnmower and trucks and trains.
Steve Salay's funeral in Lynchburg.

My Dad's good friend and Andrea's Godfather died on Sunday June 1st after a battle with leukemia. We went to the funeral in Lynchburg, VA on Weds, June 4th. Afterwards we were able to see Jackie, Jud, Lauren, Morgan and Aunt Trina for dinner before we had to head home. The next morning before we left, we went by Harrison Street to see the houses Steve used to own, restore, and live in. The neighborhood is now a designated Historic District.

Obituary Steven Joseph Salay
Last weekend and Sunday June 1st.

Canadian geese outside IBM Bethesda on Friday after my class. Brunch at Andrea's for Mom's birthday - mimosa's, champagne punch, crab cakes, Mexican salad, and quiche. Fun with wigs.

Oh, and don't worry, there won't be pictures, but NEWSFLASH - we got a training potty and Alex has been using it. Ah, milestones.


Alex likes to sing these days.

Wheels on the bus.