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Spring Fun Fair (fête foraine)

Vincent and Alex relax in the "Aqua Bulle".
A small carnival in our town, with a roller coaster, bumper cars, fun house, and "water bubbles" (aqua bulle).

Early May, Alex made a pulley with his physics workshop from Z & GG, park, flowers, soccer practice.

Pastries from the bakery, scooters, park, flowers.

Park, piano, school, baby escargot, carnival.

more fun fair pictures
Aqua bulle, bumper cars, dragon roller coaster, fun house, ice cream and churros.

Rambouillet - Alex field trip

Monday Alex had a school field trip to "Espace Rambouillet", a forest an hour outside of Paris with eagles, owls, deer, wild boar and a birds of prey presentation.



A quick two day, one night trip to Honfleur, in the Normandy region of France.  A two hour drive from Paris.  We have been there twice before and really enjoyed the picturesque town.  We even stayed in the same hotel and room we did with Carrie in 2009.  Lots of stairs and great roof views. Honfleur does get pretty crowded and touristy, especially on a holiday weekend, but we enjoyed exploring the town and some good meals including the regional specialties of apples, seafood, fish soup, and cheese - camembert, livarot, and pont l'eveque.

Day 1
Rental car, arriving Honfleur and Hotel du Dauphin, lunch at La Gambetta, naps, a walk around the port, a later dinner at La Tortue.

Day 2
Breakfast, a walk through town, playing in the park, a long lunch then back to Paris.

a few more pictures
"the seafood tower" shrimp with heads and claws, conch, lobster, crab, the works:

May 8 - Fête de la victoire

70th Anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe, a big three day celebration in our town.  Friday there was a ceremony and parade with the Mayor of our town and the Mayor of Berlin.


more pictures

A military vehicle parade on Saturday -


more military vehicle pictures