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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Vacation to Fort Lauderdale for Alex's Fall Break.  Sunny, warm, beach, pool, nice hotel and good food.  We stayed at The Atlantic Hotel and Spa and visited Bonnet House Museum and Gardens and Flamingo Gardens.  We also found an indoor arcade for Alex to play putt putt.

arriving, hotel, beach
more pictures

second day

Bonnet House Museum and Gardens
more pictures

Flamingo Gardens
more pictures

last day, swimming


October 17
Preschool, playing, trains, rain, a Birthday meal(s), a vineyard, naps, snacks, raking leaves with Grannie, Alex's school, haircut, lunch at Grannie's.

October 18
sunset, raking leaves, more sunset

October 19
Alex's 4th soccer game.  Alex played goalkeeper and his team won 6-1.

Halloween open house
cooking, Vincent's Halloween costume for friends open house

October 20
A beautiful sunny clear Fall day in DC.  Lunch at Cantina Marina with Z & GG, a nice walk on the Mall and in the Hirshhorn sculpture garden and gardens behind the Smithsonian castle.  Then back for a snack at Phillips on the waterfront and to the Capital Yacht Club to end the evening.

more day in DC


A heatwave and the government shutdown - a very different October so far.

Sept 21
Vincent at preschool, outside digging dirt, Candy Cane City, and Spencer's 15th birthday.

October 1
Drawing, eating, reading, yard, Alex's school, park, the dentist and a removal of a kitty tumor for Lincoln.

October 7
Alex has 4 teeth pulled, Eastern Market for lunch with Z and GG and Shana.