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Pictures from last weekend.

Toots came to visit and we had a great time - the weather was beautiful.
Second picture is Alex on Friday, it was "wear your pajamas to daycare" day.

On Saturday we picked up Toots at the train, then went and had lunch on the DC Waterfront at Cantina Marina. When we got home, Dad was trying to take a nap and Alex sat on him and read his train book. Later, Alex played with his bubble machine, and took off his clothes and only wanted to wear his Elmo Jacket.

Poppie came over since he was at Tyson's for a tent sale. On Sunday, we took the Trolley to the Alexandria waterfront, and the new water taxi over to National Harbor. The boat goes under the new Wilson Bridge - best views around. The Freedom Schooner Amistad was docked there also.
Guess who what where?

Name these people, location, and food/drink being consumed!
The week before last.

Watching airplanes with Aunt Andrea after work - including the Duck Boats that launch from Gravelly Point.
Alex's new shoes.
Construction we see everyday that Alex loves!
Haircut - first time Alex sat by himself for a haircut.

Welcome Cousin Eddy Lee!

Pictures from Friday and Saturday.

Eddy Lee has arrived! We went to Mace & Suzanne's on Saturday to meet him. He is a sweet little boy (16 months old) and so happy and friendly and loves to eat and socialize. Alex is very excited to get to know his new cousin.

Sunday Sept 6th


What a nice day after Tropical Storm Hanna. We went to check out National Harbor, this montrosity built on the other side of the Wilson Bridge in Maryland. It actually is really cool, with great views of the water, planes approaching DCA, pedestrian space, "The Awakening" sculpture that was moved from Hanes Point, and an interior garden and atrium at the Gaylord hotel.

Then it was time for bubbles in the front yard.

Bubble movie.
Last Weekend.

Hurricane, what Hurricane? We only got rain from Hanna last Saturday, and enjoyed Spencer and Mr. Kurtz's birthday party at Barb's house.

boat in the water

Holding on to summer, as long as we can....

Talking to Dad on the webcam when he was in NY.
Alex seems to enjoy vacuuming lately. That vacuum is heavy!
Sitting in the Bilibo.
Lunch out.
Washing feet in Grannie's sink.
Frying Pan park and the animal babies - goats, pigs, cows.
Natalie working her Edie Sedgwick look, love the hat and bucket as purse.
Crabs - keeping with Carrie's summer theme of seafood.
Alex likes to sit in our bed in the morning and read "Happy Town".

My Great Big Food Vacation

My Food Vacation.
In case you didn't notice from the pictures, we ate like Kings and Queens on vacation. The bacon wrapped scallops, Beth's awesome lasagna, homemade waffles, meat night, the cobbler showdown (Carrie and Kathleen), proscuitto wrapped melons, Gary's rockin' sangria, cookout night, steamed shrimp and fried oysters from Awful Arthur's, quesadillas, and pizza from Cosmo's Pizzeria.

And did we mention they have Brew Thru's in North Carolina? We were all set.

Other good meals we didn't get pictures of:
Rose's french toast casserole
Kathleen's breakfast casserole with (gasp) goat cheese
Gary's cheese dip
Gary's fried green tomatoes