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September winding down

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Food, Vincent, Lincoln, WW1 exhibit at the town hall.

-more beautiful weather, exhibit at our town hall on Levallois during WW1, lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant "New Mathura"

-a friendly cat at the vet, finding Alex's old friends in the park afterschool, sushi, bracelets, Rosh Hashanah, more park

-Alex's first Saturday soccer practice game

-picnic in the park, walking around the town, food, fits, Alex soccer practice

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September - more school, great weather

Mairie de Levallois
We have had amazing weather so far, clear, blue, sunny skies, high 60's-low 70's, much different than the end of August which was gray and cool and rainy.  Alex loves school, Vincent is adjusting to his full day.

Eating, more school, school pick-up, eating at our favorite Italian restaurant "La Trattoria", Alex and his steak tartare, park, Vincent's lunch cafeteria (cantine).

-Alex's first soccer practice, every Wednesday 5:45 - 7:15 p.m at the stadium in our town.
-A much needed haircut for Vincent. He was very tired it was right after school, and they put gel in it for him.
-Dinner at Sebillon, a fancy old Parisian restaurant with Lisa Stevens who was in town for work.  It was Thursday night so Alex and Vincent were very tired, but they still managed to eat the escargots.
-Back to school night for Alex's class.

JD took the train to Nice for an industry conference.

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La Rentrée (Back to School)

école Jules Ferry, Levallois-Perret, France

Alex            8 yrs old  CE2  (third grade)
Vincent        3 yrs old  petite section

Alex and Vincent were both very excited to go back to school.  We all enjoyed the seven block walk to their school.  The elementary school is right next door to the maternelle.  Alex went for the entire day (8:30 - 3:30), but Vincent only went for 40 minutes this first day. Vincent didn't want to leave the class though!  Alex said his teacher is very nice.  It was a very good day.

Alex and Vincent

Vincent's class
First we went back home, stopped by the market, then back to Vincent's school for 40 minutes in his class the first day.

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