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Spring Vacance

Alex has been enjoying his two week Spring Break (April 17 - May 2). We've been to the playground a lot, and met friends in the Champ de Mars for picnics. Alex even got to ride the "horses" in the Champ de Mars - we think some are really donkeys.

Levallois playground.
Kinomichi class.
Champ de Mars and jamón ibérico (Iberian ham) from Bellota Bellota on Rue Jean Nicot.
Champ de Mars and donkey ride.

Donkey ride 1
Donkey ride 2
Donkey ride 3
Levallois frog park.

Alex's 4th Birthday

Yesterday was Alex's 4th birthday! He wanted to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, then we took him out to the lunch of his choice, Chinese. We had a really nice day, including opening cards and presents from family and friends. Then it was time for the "homemade"(=store bought and assembled) strawberry shortcake birthday cake.

up the Eiffel Tower
to the summit, Eiffel Tower
Happy Birthday

The Loire Valley

This past weekend we rented a car and drove to the Loire Valley with Rachel and Jon. We had a great time, eating some fabulous food, drinking some local wine, and touring the chateaus and gardens.
Rachel and Jon arrive
Vouvray and Chenonceaux
Wine tasting Marc Bredif
Cheverny and the hunting dogs

playground at Villandry 1
playground at Villandry 2
playground at Villandry 3
hunting dogs at Cheverny

beginning of April

We're a bit behind in posting, the weather has turned nice and Rachel and Jon are in town visiting and it's Spring Vacances are pictures from earlier in the month. The Loire Valley trip we just did is coming soon.

Alexandre's 4th birthday party.
Walking in the 16th Arrondissement.
Jardin du Luxembourg.
Dan in town.
School nice day park.
play date at Valentina's.

movies =>
beans in school
Jardin du Luxembourg slide
JD Go Kart


Yesterday we took a day trip to Chantilly, a quick 30 minute train ride north of Paris. We walked and walked and walked around the Chateau and gardens, and had a nice lunch in the Hamlet.

feeding the fish and duck crackers

end of March, 2nd night Seder

more pictures.
more pictures.
Last Tuesday night we attended the second night Seder the Kehilat Gesher held for the Franco American community. We really enjoyed it, and Alex liked the matzoh ball soup.

I've also signed Alex up for the Kinomichi class on Wednesdays with the other 4 and 5 year olds and he likes it.

Other than that, we've been enjoying some sunny days in Paris.

March 26 - Paris, Passover

Towards the end of last week it turned cool and chilly again. But we still managed to go to the park after school on Friday. During the weekend we went to watch a game at McBride's, then Alex chased the ducks in Les Halles. On Monday for the first Seder for Passover, JD cooked a chicken and made matzoh stuffing and charoset. We even found some good "Herzog" collection red wine, and horseradish.