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end of January, snow

The weather has been wacky - snow, freezing rain, and 70 degrees in less than a week.  JD returned from all his travels so there was some eating and cocktails.  Vincent has lots and lots of words (Grannie, up, Thomas, Cookie Monster, mine, more please, broke, fix it, all gone, clock, etc) and now runs instead of walks.

pictures - outside, weighing Vincent

pictures - outside, sticks, soccer, first snow

pictures - Chevy's, hurricane simulator, 2nd snow, sushi, crib, La Fourchette

pictures - hats

pictures - desk, outside, snow

Bucharest and Paris

Le Parc des Buttes Chaumont de Paris
A trip to Romania via Paris for JD for work.  As you can see from the pictures, a good trip, good food, and snow in Paris.



Alex's camera

Time for some pictures from Alex's camera.  Vincent got a hold of the camera so the last few were taken by him - mostly of the floor and his shoes.

Aviation Museum

We are having a mild winter so far and have been able to enjoy some time outside.  Vincent likes to run around the parked cars then hurl himself on the grass.  Last Sunday we went to the College Park Aviation Museum.  Alex and Vincent enjoyed the climb aboard airplane, watching the small planes land and takeoff at the airport, and the wooden airplanes outside.


more airplanes

catching up from December in the basement

end of December 2012

Two weeks of holiday and vacation with lots of visiting and eating and drinking of course!

Some trains at Colvin Run with David and Mitchell, a visit with Toots and Poppie at Shana's, and some holiday lights.

A lovely Christmas with Grannie's lights and tree and a meal of lamb and champagne and a visit with Kathleen and the Cahoon's.  A trip into DC for some tapas at Jaleo.

Shopping in the police grocery cart - fun fun.  New Year's Day open house at Rose and Beth's.

reading trains lights champagne lamb and brussel sprouts