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We've been busy as you can imagine. Renting the house, leaving my job with IBM after 11 years, getting ready to move to Paris! Ann was in town so Val and I met her and Nikki in Wheaton for Thai.

Alex and Lincoln have been bonding. Alex likes to build "bad guys" with his Legos. He also had a nice visit with Grannie on Saturday.

Oh, and did you hear, Debbie had her baby! Matthew Thomas Greene, born February 23, 2009! Woo hoo, congrats Debbie and John.

Matthew Thomas Greene (cute baby)

Carrie's Beach Birthday Weekend!

Carrie's Beach Birthday Weekend!
We headed out to Bethany Beach, DE, to celebrate Carrie's birthday with her family. Jamie's beach house was great - check it out for rental here =>

Great rooms and view, and 12 adults and 7 children were quite comfortable. The pictures speak for themselves. And of course we had some really good meals. There was a dance party, can you imagine?

Beginning pictures show Alex testing out his sleeping bag, loving Toots' Elmo Valentine (which was also in French by the way) and life jacket (p.s Z and GG he is ready for your boat at anytime!). Oh, and our house went on the rental market this weekend too.

Kathleen, we missed you but the FedEx present was great.

Other highlights of the weekend (please blog here)
All the great movies you could want in at least 2 rooms
Greg walking into the Atlantic Ocean sans socks and...not complaining. BTW it was about 39 °F.
Being in the house with 3 "tween" boys who we…

Happy Birthday Carrie!

February 6th.
Alex likes to make towers and airplanes with his Legos.

February 7th.
Alex likes to wear his sunglasses lately. A nice weekend, and it was warm!
We celebrated Carrie's birthday including a treat from Barb of spa treatments at National Harbor.

February 8th.
Birthday fun at Carrie's. It was really warm on Sunday and we played outside and had a fun time for Carrie's birthday. We enjoyed the custard ice cream cake David got for Carrie. Alex enjoyed Mitchell's trains!

Paris, here we come!

Apartment pictures.
Located in Levallois-Perret, a neighborhood right outside of Paris and within a 20 mins bus/Metro ride to La Defense.

Map of Paris.

More recent pictures.
January 20th.

Debbie's Baby Shower January 24th.

Entire Paris trip January 2009.

January 25th.

Snow, and Rachel and Jon visit!
And then there was the Guitar Hero purchase....