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mid-December: preparing for the holidays

Christmas decorations at the cheese store made from wooden cheese containers
Christmas decoration in town, bread, brussel sprouts, macarons, Vincent soccer, waiting for choir practice, lunch at Au Coin de la Rue, more cooking.

More decorations, Lincoln, snacks, hail, Vincent's artwork, baking, reading, soccer, Harry Potter clothing at the Mall, rain, artwork, chapped hands (Alex!).

JD in Romania for business
A few pictures.

JD judging cheese
JD was asked to be a cheese judge, how cool.

week before my US trip
Poetry book we bought for Vincent (Maurice Careme, they learn a lot of his poems in school), books, food, Au Coin de la Rue Saturday meal after Romania, Hanukkah, pastries, football, a day in Levallois, reading, champagne (De Gualle's favorite house), and more beautiful Christmas windows.  I think the butcher had the prettiest window.

Marché Noël - Levallois

Saturday pictures
Time for the Christmas Market in our town.  It was cold but sunny.  Vincent loved all the rides, the roller coaster, swings, driving cars, slide, carousel, and trampoline jump.  Of course there was also crepes with sugar, and "vin chaud"(mulled wine).  Then a big lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant.

Vincent driving movie

end of November - day in Paris

Saturday in Paris - museum, lunch, marche
Into Paris on Saturday to the Musee Maillol for a Pop Art Exhibit from New York.  Lunch at Bistrot d'Henri - we ate there once before last year and remembered it was good and a cosy space.  It did not disapoint - escargots, lentils, boeuf bourgignon, tarte tatin, and griottes (sour cherries) in kirsch.

rest of Saturday
Then a walk around Saint-Germain including the Apple store and marche.  To a bar to watch the Manchester United game, then a walk across the Seine past the Louvre to take the Metro home!

Other happenings - leaves, Vincent soccer, the mall, pastries, walking to school, meals, art, Eiffel Tower, Irving Penn photography exhibit at the Grand Palais, Christmas decorations on our street, and it even snowed one night!