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March 28 and 29. A quick visit to Grannie and Nagypapa's in the evening. Alex liked the finger trick Nagypapa did. Alex also likes to crawl with things in his mouth.

March 27 and prior. Alex likes to turn around and look over his car seat. He also has to wear "shoes" now since he has started to pull his socks off all the time.

Pictures from the Weekend. Note third picture of Alex in his car seat eating quesadilla off his pants. Also, the Cahoon children with the Easter Bunny.

It's another Boys Weekend!

Gabby's off with her girlfriends in Boston, which means it's a real knees-up for me and Alex this weekend.

Here's a little thing we like to call "Dinner in Diapers". After all, pants are so constraining...


He's got music in his bones! Alex and Dad ROCK!
March 22. Hot. Playing. Took socks off. Eating chicken and broccoli.

March 21 and prior. Pictures from the past few days - including Alex in the multi-stroller at daycare and a picture of his big belly!

A million pictures from the weekend. Seriously! It was cold so we stayed in and played and played and ate and slept.

Mo's Last Day at PFCU after 13 years!

Congrats Mo!!! We are so excited for you. (the bartender made Maureen a special non-alcoholic drink). Here's to no more commute, and no more Wilson Bridge!

The Grannie Special First Haircut

March 15th. Alex decided he likes to bang the plastic doughnuts on Dad's head.

March 13th and 14th morning. We are having a heat wave (supposed to be 78°F today) so Alex broke out his short sleeves.

Weekend of March 10 and 11. A fun weekend. We went to a party at Mace and Suzanne's, spent the night, then visited Grannie and Nagypapa on Sunday. Grannie gave Alex his first haircut, really just a trim. She also tried to teach him to drink water out of a glass.
March 9th. This week flew by. Last night we went to Austin Grillwhere Alex enjoyed a cheese quesadilla. He has really started to power down the food lately as you will notice from his full face! Also, a few pictures from daycare with all the other babies. This morning Alex loved the French toast they had for breakfast.

March 7. Another day, another snow storm. Not so bad this time, just 3-4 inches of dry snow, but it sure is cold. Alex has started to really play with his Drop 'n Roar Dinosaur as opposed to just smashing the plastic balls together. See Alex put the balls in the hole! See Lincoln and Alex hang out!

March 4 and 5. Grannie came over to visit on Sunday, and Alex did his usual thing - ate, played, slept.

Saturday March 3. A nice warm day, we went to watch Spencer's last basketball game of the season, then to Dairy Queen. Alex liked his first Dairy Queen, but it gave him a "brain freeze". Then JD and Carrie did some stamping. Unfortunately we di…