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end of June...

Alex's last day of first grade (CP = cours préparatoire) was June 25.  One week later than public school and two extra make-up days for Hurricane Sandy and snow. 

Vincent has had a two week break since the end of his preschool and the start of his Summer Camp at the Jewish preschool.  He enjoyed the break helping do errands including his first trip to Home Depot and planting with Grannie.

June 19
eating, backyard water fun, Home Depot, Vincent's first PB&J

June 20
Goûter de fin d'année de la classe de CPC (end of the year party in Alex's class).  Vincent had a good time too.  All the girls in the class liked to pick him up they thought he was so cute.

presentation of gift to Mme CURIONI
dancing to Psy really just a lot of loud noise, notice Vincent and another sibling holding their own
girls dancing
Katy Perry
Call me maybe Cookie Monster

June 23
more pool fun, scuba mask antics, new windshield wipers for the '95 Tercel, 

Lynchburg, VA - Aunt Beaty's Memorial Service

picturesJune 14
more farm pictures
Friday - driving down to Lynchburg, snacks and picnic provisions at Whole Foods in Charlottesville, meeting Uncle Mace, Angie, Evie, Mace, Suzanne and Eddy at the Coleman Farm Homestead in Appomattox for dinner, to the Best Western.

picturesJune 15

obituaryAunt Beaty's Memorial Service.
Motel fun, free breakfast, church, service, reception, pool fun,

picturesJune 16

more cemetery pictures
Football at the motel, stopping by Amherst, VA on the way home to see Papa's church and the Mt. Pleasant cemetery full of relatives.  Vincent enjoyed running around and we saw our first cicada.

picturesJune 13
Before we left - Legos, playing with recycling, reading, eating, playing, dancing.

In case you were wondering:

one room schoolhouse where Grannie's parents (Eva Fauber Wright and Clarence Ellis Wright) went to school:

house where Grannie was born:

Alex's Chorale Concert, Sports Day, Fête du Projet bilingue

Sports Day - 2 blue, 2 red ribbons

Chorale Concert Monday June 10

chorale pictures

black and white Chorale pictures

Fête du Projet bilingue
This year Alex's class read "Little Red Riding Hood", "Jack and the Beanstalk", and "Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves".


more pictures

chorale movies
"With Laughter and Singing"

"A Tragic Story"

"Ombra Mai Fu"

"Yes, We Have No Bananas"
movie from man in front of us
Lycée Rochambeau Primary Chorale sings "Yes, we have no Bananas"
"Evening Still"

"A dream is a wish your heart makes"

Encore "Bound for South Australia

June 9, 2013 Vincent turns 2

June 7
Vincent's last day of preschool party.  It was pouring rain so the party was inside but Vincent had a good time and gave hugs to his teachers Miss Debra and Miss Yoko.

June 8
Saturday, some Target shopping, food court, Alex went to Alphée's birthday party, playing outside.

June 9
Vincent's 2nd birthday.  Dim sum at the mall, going to a park, water in the backyard, getting Dad from Dulles, presents and birthday tart.

a few more pictures

"Happy Birthday to You"

June begins...

ready to perform
Let the end of the school year festivities begin.  Three of the first grade classes at Alex's school performed a "Spectacle de Musique" on Thursday night.  Although the movies are far away and blurry (yay), you will get the idea of the performance.  I think the Deitch "I love performing and being in front of people" kicked in.  Alex danced a waltz with Alphée, and then there was "Cotton-eye Joe".

pictures of Spectacle

other pictures



Cowgirls and Cowboys

Cotton-eye Joe
4 minutes prepare yourself

more Cotton

"Car le monde et tout petit"

Altoona, PA for Aunt Adele's "Graduation" Party

Aunt Adele is retiring (graduating) after teaching for 43 years - well, really 50 if you want to know the truth.  We had a nice weekend in Altoona for her party, including time with Aunt Shana and Z and GG who drove up from NC.

"Longest tenured Hollidaysburg teacher calling it a career"

end of the week, hot, humid, playing, pool, Grannie,  Lush bath bomb.

Saturday and early Sunday
Arriving Altoona, PA, stopping by Alex's summer camp Bar-T Ranch for an open house.  Alex can't wait to go.

The Graduation Party at The Blairmont Club

just a few more pictures
eating and playing