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Parc de la Planchette, Levallois
Sunday Funday this month was Shabbat Funday where we hosted and the kids made challah.  Crystal the teacher makes the best challah dough and we ate most of Alex's before we could get a picture of it.

Alex has been taken with washing dishes and loading the dishwasher.  Hope he keeps it up.  Vincent likes his new "exersaucer" we found on Amazon from the UK.  These are not prevalent in France.  Hmmm.  Then there was of course some cheese, good meals with ingredients from our marché, and a nice dinner out for our 10th wedding anniversary.

Sunday Funday

more Sunday Funday

a nice walk

a few more pictures


Alex had a sortie (field trip) to an atelier (workshop) at the Jardin d'Acclimatation with his class where they learned about the chemistry of colors in nature.  JD was a chaperone and took pictures.

Atelier Couleur


more pictures

JD took two classes at Le Cordon Bleu.  See the results here - orange macaroons  chocolate and cointreau cake
               orange tarts                                                                                        orange tart

2012 - back to France

Bonne année
We spent the last two days in the US getting some last minute visits in (Paul, the Cahoon's) and some shopping (Target).  Then it was back to France on December 31.  We had some champagne in the Air France lounge at Dulles and we were good to go. Vincent is almost too big for the airplane bassinet, he kept bobbing his head up to look around, then sat up and played with the attachment screws.

Before we left the US our friends Gretchen and Dennis came over to visit.

how do you get out of this thing?

last of US

back to France


A quick jaunt to West Palm Beach to visit Aunt Adele and Uncle Ed.  Z and GG also drove down from North Carolina for a visit.

Highlights included:
great weather (70°F)
the pool and hot tub
visiting with Ed and Adele and Z and GG
flying the kite with Z
numerous meals
free breakfast at the Hampton Inn
cold beer and fresh fish


more pictures