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A week in Provence.

We just returned from a week in Provence staying in a 200 year old "burgher home". Kathleen and John McArdle joined us and we had quite an adventure. We (actually JD) drove all over the South of France and saw a lot, including a quick jaunt to Italy. Lots of good scenery, eating, and drinking. More stories and pictures to come.
Monfort sur Argens.
Aix en Provence
Inland Var villages
more Aix en Provence
Nice to Italy
Nice one last time
and for another perspective on the trip:
Kathleen's Provence pictures
John's Provence pictures
John's Paris pictures

Epernay, France, Capitale du Champagne.

Epernay, France, Capitale du Champagne.
On Saturday we took a day trip to Epernay, the "capital of champagne". It's an hour and a half train ride from Paris. The day started out gray and rainy, but cleared in the afternoon. We had an enjoyable time walking up and down the Avenue de Champagne, which is lined with mansions that are now offices for Moët et Chandon, Perrier-Jouët etc. Of course we had to tour Moët et Chandon, and take the "Imperial Tour" which includes two tastings. And this was after we found the free tastings at Tourist Office of champagne.

Then there was a lovely lunch at a French bistro, more walking, and the train back to Paris, which was just long enough to sleep off the 4 glasses of champagne.

Week of October 5th.

Paul was in town so we went to McBride's to watch the game, then out for a really good Italian meal at Livio's in Neuilly. On Sunday I ran out to the airport to quickly visit Alicia who was passing through on her way to the Middle East. Some pictures from Alex's school, the park, Alex helping me make a quiche, and walking through the 16th arrondisement this past weekend.

October in Paris.


As if on cue, the weather is chilly, the leaves have started to turn. Some pictures near Invalides and Alex's school, and one of Alex and his new friend Alexandre. Alexandre is in his class at school, and we hang out a lot with his Mom Gail and go to the playground near the Eiffel Tower, Champs de Mars.

September visit to US

The only car left to rent on the lot.....

We had a whirlwind trip to the US in September. We covered a lot of ground in almost two weeks, seeing family and friends, even though we didn't get to everyone!

Alex really got into helping us pack this time. When we left Paris it was cool and rainy, and when we arrived in DC it was humid and rainy. But the weather cleared. We had another nice Air France flight, good food, great movies.

Alex got right to playing with his toys at Grannie's house. Then there was:
a haircut and a trip to the mall, including food court
brisket dinner at Ilene's
helping Grannie with the lawn
dancing to Mamma Mia
more eating
watching a Manchester United game at Lucky Bar
meeting Shana for brunch then hanging out by the waterfront
thai food with Val
a visit to Alex's old daycare
a visit to Toots and Poppie
dinner for Spencer's 11th birthday
renting a car, which ended up being a monster truck which was all they had
meeting Eddy and Suzanne at the Col…