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Christmas Day.
Lunch with Grannie and Nagypapa, then down to Barb's house to visit with her family.

Natalie singing at church.
Brunch at Carrie's afterwards and playing with all the great trains and toys.
Second night of Hanukkah.
Alex loves the Alabama tracksuit from Jackie & Jud and didn't want to take off the jacket!
Dinner one night.
Chilling with Lincoln on the couch.
Oranges for a snack. Alex likes to put all of his toys in the chair and then sit with them.
Snacks at Austin Grill.
Watching Dad make dinner.
Talking to Toots and Poppie on the webcam.
More pictures from last week.
Talking to Dad on the webcam while he was in Paris.
Helping with the waffles.
Alex likes to answer the phone now.
Reading his favorite truck book.
Alex likes to gallop around the house in just his diaper.
Lunch at King Street Blues.

Alex and Dad watching a Manchester United game on the computer.
Legos in the corner.
Alex and his globe.
Tricycle outside last week when it was 70 degrees one day (yes it is 23
degrees now).
Eating a big Rice Krispie treat.
Grocery cart fun.
Recent pictures.
Alex is really into his legos and building towers.
Eating Vietnamese Pho.
Helping make eggs for breakfast.
Measuring Alex's height - he's 36.5" tall.
Playground on a cold day.
Playing at Grannie's with the cool truck ramp she made.
The dinosaurs having "popcorn", Alex set them up this way.
More towers.
Alex is also really into his sweets now - including cake!
We've been a bit behind in posting.

November 22 and previous.
Museum of the American Indian
John McArdle visiting us.

AEHS reunion.
Including a limo and dinner at Armand's in Silver Spring.

Martin and Shira's housewarming/engagement party
NYC, November 21, 2008.