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Alex is 5 weeks old

June 2 pictures Lunch at Generous George's, visiting with Duncan.
June 1 pictures Alex is getting bigger, he doesn't need the newborn headrest for his car seat anymore. See Alex sleep more, nap with Eddie, and be propped up on the couch. Duncan is also visiting us from Manchester.
May 31 pictures Just a few of Alex holding his head up - a popular trick now.
May 30 pictures Hot again (92 degrees) so Alex stayed inside and practiced holding his head up some more.
Memorial Day pictures Went over to the Cahoon's and hung out. Spencer, Mitchell and Natalie (and JD) did the Slip 'N Slide it was so hot (90 degrees!). Alex relaxed on the table. Fun things Alex is doing: holds his head up on his own, smiles some, grabs things with his fist.

First bath

May 28 pictures More from Sunday. Went to the Okrend's to visit, meet Anita, and Sara, Bryan and Jeffrey who were visiting from NJ. Dinner at Macaroni Grill, then quick stop at Granny and Nagypapa's to wish Granny a Happy Birthday (May 29).
First bath pictures Alex is 5 weeks old, about time he got clean. He loved his first bath, and the robe that Beulah gave him. Alex did his best Howard Hughes impression in it.

Alex is one month old

Who does Alex look like? JD (Jon) or Z (JD's Dad) or GJ (JD's Mom)?
May 27 pictures Another VERY exciting day. Old Town, lunch at Chadwick's, Carlyle House garden, Tyson's Corner, thai food for dinner - Alex was very good, but we discovered he prefers air-conditioning to humidity.
May 26 pictures A big day. Outing in Old Town, first trip to Austin Grill, then to Takoma Park to see Christina and meet Theodore (b. Jan 25) who were in town from Miami.
May 25 pictures Watch Alex punch his blue dog and stick his tongue out at it.
May 24 pictures No new tricks today. Alex is starting to outgrow his newborn diapers and his bald spot is getting bigger on top of his head.
May 23 pictures More sleeping, making faces. Alex enjoyed his trip to Chevy's Mexican Restaurant.
May 22 pictures
May 21 pictures A big day. Lots of shopping. Oh, and Alex is starting to lose his newborn hair on top of his head.

Baby shower at Carrie's!

May 20 pictures Baby shower at Carrie's. All the girls get to hang with Alex - Carrie, Rose, Barb, Vicky, Margaret, Lynn, Debbie, Mo, Val, Pauline, Natalie - and Kathleen surprised us by flying in from Boston! Margaret made a beautiful cake, and Rose organized some fun games. Thanks for a great time and all the wonderful gifts.

Alex is 3 weeks old!

May 18 pictures More of Alex in his swaddle, hanging out on the couch. Movies Alex watched - "Lords of Dogtown" (good soundtrack), "Upside of Anger" (weird), "Bridget Jones 2" (hated it)
May 17 pictures
May 16 pictures Dad went to NY, and all Alex did was sleep and eat.
May 15 pictures Alex is 3 weeks old. Getting bigger, staying awake a little more. Still making funny faces. Likes to stretch after his naps.

Week #3

May 14 pictures A very big day for visitors. Cousin Jackie and Jud stopped by. Grandma Jackie (GJ) was in town, and Granny and Nagypapa also came over. Then we went to the Cahoon's (my first trip to the Cahoon's) for dinner and a movie. A very good weekend.
May 13 pictures Alex likes to stick his tongue out. He went to his first party in Reston. Grandma Jackie (GJ) came to visit.
May 12 pictures More funny faces, napped with Eddie, had more awake time.
May 11 pictures Alex's first trip out of Virginia, thru DC to Kensington, MD. Visit with Granny and Nagypapa. Art and Donna Romano came over.
May 10 pictures Dad tried the BabyBjorn. Alex makes more funny faces. Stomach time. Hanging with Dad while he plays FIFA 2006.
May 9 pictures Today Alex hung out, and went to the grocery store.
May 8 pictures Alex's two week doctor's appt, gained 14 ounces (8lbs 9 oz) and grew an inch (21"). Got Hep B shot and only cried when they stuck me. Favorite things to do …

Week #2


More pictures! We must have more pictures!

Finally... here are some more from this past weekend.

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Settling in

Alex & Ox chillin' in the pack-n-play.

More pictures here (from 28 April)...